Impromptu trip to Downtown East 

***April 15***

We were all geared up for a late afternoon kite flying and picnic outing to the Marina Barrage and set off enthusiastically about 3ish. Yet little did we expected the sudden downpour when we were nearly there. Singapore’s weather is really unpredictable can! The kids’ spirits were dampen. Hence we let Darian decide on an alternative plan. He chose to go to Polliwogs at Suntec so we made a detour.


Upon reaching there, we noticed that the place was packed. Papa Yap and I had to convince the duo on a change of venue which they eventually agreed to after some persuasions. We ended up driving down to Downtown East. Thankfully Papa Yap was really accommodative and didn’t object at all! I know he would always try to spend quality family time with us during the weekend as he can be very busy during the weekdays. And that means he is either coming home past the kids’ bedtime or staying in camp. Anyways thank you my love! 🙂





Well no Polliwogs, the Explorer Kid was equally fun too! The kiddos had a great time, climbing, sliding and plunging into the ball pool together with their sporting daddy. While I took this opportunity to sit back and relax, watch them play the entire time. heehee 🙂




We then had our late dinner at one of the restaurants. We could tell how hungry the duo was after almost two hours of play. In fact Papa Yap and I were famished too! After our hearty dinner, we went to the arcade for some games before heading home.




Double Ds certainly had a wholesome enjoyable Saturday with their beloved Papa Yap. 🙂



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