To the Night Safari



Our first family outing of 2015 was to the Night Safari. It was rather an impromptu trip after picking Darian from his school. We thought that since it was the first day of school reopen, there wouldn’t be much crowd. But we were seriously wrong. There was already a long line forming at the entrance before it was even opened. I got to say that thankfully we were there early so it saved us a lot of time waiting for the tram ride. You should have seen the queue. It was crazy. I couldn’t imagine if we had came later. We probably got to wait more than one hour for the tram ride. Phew…




So we started off with the tram ride which took about 4o minute for the entire tour. Flash photography was not allowed during the tour as the flash would hurt and blind the animals vision. Hence we didn’t manage to capture any photos. I would think the tram ride was pretty essential as some of the routes were not reachable by foot. Yet, we didn’t get to see all the animals and even so it was considerably a brief one as the tram was constantly moving.




After the tram ride, we walked the night nature trail. I thought it was kind of hard to walk around looking at the animals at night. Some were hiding behind bushes while some enclosures were quite packed. It certainly took us a while to spot the animals. Nevertheless we managed to complete the trail.




We ended the Night Safari trip catching the Creatures of the Night show. Being the typical ‘kiasu’ parents, we waited at the entrance 40 minutes before the show. At least, we managed to get a decent view for the show. The animal show was interesting and it managed to entice the kids. Darian was still complaining that the duration of the show was too short. Haha 🙂



Overall, it was a good experience for the kids. I recalled coming to the Night Safari during childhood and when I was dating with Papa Yap. Seriously, I felt that it didn’t change much and it has been always this crowded. Haha… Papa Yap was commenting that we could come back again next year but I really doubt so. To be honest, we prefer going to the Zoo. You would get to see more animals, spend more time at the enclosures and exhibits, take really nice photos, and the kids get to play too. Besides, the Zoo tickets are cheaper you know.



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