Counting down to 2015 



After having a kid, attending counting down party is hardly possible. This year however was an exception. We decided to join my family and relatives for a countdown session at CSC Changi chalet. I thought it would be great to let Darian be aware of the start of a new year. I had insisted a compulsory late nap for double Ds in order for them to stay up late. It didn’t pose any issues for Dyann as she is used to having her afternoon nap. As for Darian, it was rather tough to get him to sleep. Somehow or rather he did it.










We only reached the chalet at about 7pm and began barbecuing after double Ds had their dinner. It has been quite a while since we last went for a BBQ session. I never like to barbecue but wouldn’t mind to gather with relatives and friends. As usual, there would always be that few kind souls who willingly barbecue for everybody. So I still got to eat. 🙂





After the BBQ session, we proceeded over to the bowling center for a few games while waiting for the clock to strike 12. Despite the time, the kids were still full of energy. Darian was super delighted to play a few games of bowling. Our enthusiastic boy looked all smiley throughout the session. He thoroughly enjoyed himself there. 🙂


We left shortly after the countdown and the kids totally knocked out at the back of the car. We could tell that the kids had a smashing great time counting down together with their grandparents and extended family. It was absolutely the last happy day of 2014 with the family! May 2015 be another happy year for everyone! 🙂



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