Darian’s new look


Presenting our ‘Little Professor’, Mister Darian Yap. Haha!


Somewhere back in October, Darian was diagnosed with ‘Lazy eye’ and was given a refractive prescription to make a pair of spectacles in order to correct his eye visions. If Darian is able to wear his spectacles most of the time and shows improvement in his eye power during the second eye appointment, he would not need to patch up his ‘better’ eye. Otherwise, we would then have a little ‘pirate’ in the house. haha 🙂

Initially we were quite worried that Darian might not be too receptive to wearing spectacles daily even though we did explain to him the reasons and the importance of wearing the spectacles. We thought he might feel uncomfortable wearing it for long hours.

Surprisingly, he was very adaptive and happy with his ‘new look’! 🙂 Both Papa Yap and I were really relieved and glad that he didn’t resist about wearing his spectacles at all. Thankfully he did have better results during the second eye screening examination. Perhaps it’s because he wears it every now and then.





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