Staycation at Marina Bay Sands 2



We woke up to a hazy Singapore with the PSI at unhealthy range. It was certainly not a good thing as our plan for the day was to bring the kids to the duck tours followed by a walk to the Esplanade and the Merlion park. Since the haze was rather bad and that Papa Yap had some important work email to settle, the kids and I lazed our morning away in the room. Fortunately the haze condition did improve at 11ish and we were out of the hotel then! 🙂




We took double Ds for a train ride to Marina Square. Papa Yap and I were amazed by all the new MRT lines- circle line, downtown line. Totally overwhelmed reading the map. Seriously when was the last time we board a train to the city and town area? As usual the kiddos were happy for the train ride even it was only one station away. Haha kids! 🙂











After a heavy lunch at Putien, we walked over to Suntec City for the duck tours. Darian was thrilled! As expected we were the only Singaporean family aboard. During the introduction of the tour, the guide jokingly mentioned that it must be that we have nothing better to do. Hmm, there’s really nothing wrong bringing kids on such educational tour where they gain knowledge on their homeland. Learning is all about exposure and experience. Come on! We can’t be only learning and seeing the Merlion statue on the textbook right? Anyways we were not offended by his comment, for all that we know Darian was fascinated by how the car transformed into a boat and float on the sea. It was like an adventure for him you know. As for Dyann, she was actually napping before we hit the sea. She did appear a little puzzled when she woke up though. 🙂





We made our way to the Esplanade and Merlion Park thereafter. It was like being tourists in our own country. Haha! Still we enjoyed doing it as a family and I called these priceless moments. We love family time like this. 🙂





Dinner was takeaway. We bought sushi, char kway teow, BBQ chicken wings, carrots cake and drinks back to hotel. Simply sinful yet yummy!  After our fulfilling dinner, we went up to the observatory deck and ended Day 2 with a beautiful night skyline view around MBS. Oh and I was actually thinking of extending another night. haha 🙂

Day 3







How could a staycation at MBS considered complete without visiting the infinity pool right? Needless to say, we brought double Ds up for a swim. I was actually surprised to see the crowd on a Tuesday. Well then again, given that MBS was famous for its infinity pool, it should be this busy everyday and probably busier during the peak season. Without any doubt, Double Ds had a splashing fun time in the pool with Papa Yap. It’s definitely great to be in a pool with such spectacular view. No wonder most of the time people were taking selfies rather than swimming! Haha! 🙂



We then check out at 1pm and headed to Kallang Airport food market for more local delights! Such a great way to end our staycation! Seriously we had such marvelous family time at MBS and all that I can say is that this staycation ROCKS! We love it! 🙂



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