Dyann turns 2



Dyann celebrated her second birthday on the 25th July and officially turned two on 1st August. Alright this is a very late post for Dyann’s second birthday. I have not been religiously blogging since we returned from the States. The kiddos, the endless house chores, blah blah blah, just tied me down. Every time when I thought of blogging, either I was too tired or got mind blocked. So I ended up with a lot of back dated posts which I am trying my best to clear. Papa Yap aka my number one fan hasn’t been too pleased with it. Haha. I can skip some of our life updates but definitely not this. Our precious girl absolutely deserved a write-up about her little birthday party for memory keepsake!


We had wanted to book the SAF chalet for her birthday but the ballot was unsuccessful. Looking at the some of the venues I had in mind, they were either too far or pricey. In the end, through my mil’s recommendation, we booked a room at one residential corner in Tampines to hold her birthday party. As I wanted to try a different caterer, the buffet was ordered from Four Seasons instead of the usual Neogardens. Food was decent. Nothing to boast or grumble about. We wanted to get the Swensons Minnie mouse ice cream cake for Dyann’s birthday but they do not have any Minnie mouse in red. So alternatively we chose Bengawan Solo and bought her the baby Minnie mouse in red.



Dyann has been showing quite a bit of love for Minnie Mouse. We realized she gets really excited whenever she sees Minnie Mouse prints or toys. Hence her birthday theme obviously got to be Minnie Mouse. I simply got plenty of ideas for Minnie Mouse DIY decoration. Due to the space and budget constraint, I did a simple set up for her.


Alright let’s look at the stuff I made for the party. I spent a lot of time doing all the crafts but I really enjoyed myself. Yeah! If you have been following my Instagram, you would know that I love doing craft work! 🙂 Also thanks to the hubs who has been driving me around to get the stuff  I needed for the set up.







Actually we wanted to hold a mini celebration for her second birthday mainly because she didn’t get to celebrate her first birthday with our family and friends. At the same time, Papa Yap and I felt that it would be a great time to meet up with our relatives and friends who we missed for a year.









Overall, the party was a success. A simple and happy event for the kiddos and a nice meet up session for the adults! Also, thank you everyone for the presents, red packets and most importantly your presences. It was exceptionally nice to see all those who came in the mickey and Minnie theme too. So sporting! The Yappies were absolutely elated to see all of you! 🙂





Since then Darian has been talking about some themes for his birthday, Lego movie, Mickey Mouse, ninja turtles! Haha! Sorry son but we have other plans for you my dear… 😉





We love you meimei! ❤

Anyways Papa Yap was wearing a mickey t-shirt under his shirt! He thought it was a little too girly for him and so he hid it! Haha



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