Mini golfer at Lilliputt


Darian was very happy when we brought him to Lilliputt indoor mini golf course at the East Coast Park. His first mini golf play experience in Orlando, left him interested for more. He surely enjoyed playing it for fun but not as a form of sport. 😉




Lilliputt mini golf 18 holes course features Singapore landmarks. The place might be showing its age, still we were attracted by the models especially those with mechanism that could transport the golf ball from
one point to another. I love seeing how focused double Ds were, watching and figuring where would the golf ball ends up at. Personally, I felt that the management could consider revamping the models of the places of interest. It would be nice to see other newer attractions such as Gardens by the bay.





Darian had so much fun playing the game. Although Dyann was too young to play, the friendly counter assistant gave her a golf ball to play around. And that kept her well entertained throughout her brother’s game. 🙂





Yet another nice place for family bonding regardless of rain or shine. 😉



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