Fun time at Polliwogs



Polliwogs indoor playground was one of the must-go-place for Darian after we returned from Virginia. He has been talking about the place all the time for the past one year and even concluded that in his to-go-list. Haha yes he has a to-eat-list as well! See this was just how much he had missed Singapore at that time. 😉




So that free afternoon, we decided to give doubles Ds a surprise by bringing them to the new Polliwog outlet at Vivocity. Seeing their expressions upon reaching the entrance was priceless. They were super elated!




Double Ds had two hours of fun exploring the new place. They were beaming with joy the whole time. The obstacles tunnels didn’t stop Dyann from running and climbing around the place. This active girl was so fast that I had to follow her closely. Papa Yap and I took turns to supervise the kids. I couldn’t imagine myself crawling, climbing and moving through the narrow areas throughout their playtime. My back would break. Haha 😉





Yet another happy day for the kiddos. They absolutely enjoy playtime at Polliwogs. Papa Yap and I were happy to see double Ds enjoying themselves so much too. Simple pleasure of parenthood isn’t it? 🙂





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