Las Vegas

***18.05.14 to 20.05.14***

Day 10




Setting off from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, we first had lunch at the Fashion outlets of Las Vegas mall en route to Las Vegas. As there wasn’t anything we needed, we spent more time eating at the foodcourt instead. After that, we spent another 45 minutes on the road before reaching the Stratosphere hotel where we would be staying for the next two nights. It’s amazing to see lots of fanciful looking hotels by the highways after driving past the quiet, sandy and bare land for quite some time. It was like a sudden transformation.





After transferring all the luggage into the room, we went up to the observatory deck of our hotel to take a day time skyline view of Las Vegas before joining the optional night tour to the Bellagio Fountains, Venetian Hotel, Volcano at the Mirage, and historic Old Town Las Vegas. There were some crazy thrill rides and sky jump up there. I thought it looked really scary when I saw legs hanging outside the glass panel at such a high level. Thrilling to the max but definitely not for me.









Las Vegas is well known for its gambling, entertainment and night life. We now witnessed how sizzling it was! This place is certainly not suitable for kids. Seriously I even saw some adult ads on a lorry driving around the streets. The streets seemed pretty quiet during day time, yet turned into a bustling city at night. The tour at the iconic Bellagio Fountains, Venetian Hotel, Volcano at the Mirage and historic Old Town Las Vegas was very precise. After the fountain show, we hurried off  to the next location. It was literally like no time to waste. 😉

It was already 10ish, by the time we returned to the hotel. The kids were very tired and soon fell asleep after shower. And you guess what, we had to gather at the waiting area at 4.30am the next day. No kidding!

Day 11









Driving to Grand Canyon from our hotel was about 6 hours. Setting off at 4.30am was really early but at least we could continued with our sleep on the way there. Ironically, we took so long to drive up to Grand Canyon yet we could only spent an hour or so there. It was definitely not enough. Well, you know that’s the down side of following a tour. The view at Grand Canyon was spectacular. However, we have got to be extra careful with the kids as only a certain area has railings around the edges. I have height phobia so most of the time I’m standing away from edges. Papa Yap was daring enough to climb down parts of the cliff with the camera. I couldn’t help but to get worried. Lol.







There was a stopover at Hoover Dam, on the way back from Grand Canyon. And that meant it was photo taking time again! For sure this has got to be one of the popular tourist spot in Nevada. Back at hotel, while some of our tour group members went for their optional shows at other hotels, we had our complimentary international buffet dinner at the hotel. We were least interested with all the shows, given that we have two kids with us. After dinner, we went up to the observatory deck for the night skyline view. The wind was amazingly strong outside the deck.

Day 12





Wrapping up the last leg of our west coast adventure, we visited the M&M chocolate outlet and Cactus garden before heading to the LAX airport. It was indeed a fantastic family vacation! I am sure the kids enjoyed themselves as much as we did. What amazed us the most was exactly how cooperative and easy our kids were throughout the entire trip, with long bus journey. We were definitely flattered by all the compliments received from our fellow tour group members. So proud of our two lovable double Ds and ourselves! haha 🙂

It was time to fly back to Virginia with three hour time difference ahead. One more day before flying back to Singapore! 🙂



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