Yosemite National Park


Day 9



We slept through the few hours bus ride to Yosemite national park. It wasn’t that bad. There was a stopover at a kiosk where we bought some simple breakfast and used the restrooms as well before continuing with our journey.
The long distance is certainly worthwhile. This place is huge! Driving up and down, in and out the park literally took us hours. There are actually a number of waterfalls around the park, and we had only seen two or three. Like I said, this place is so huge that one needs many days to explore. We finally reached the Bridalveil Falls at 8am where we saw the granite cliff, El Capitan. The morning crisp air smelled ever so refreshing and views of the waterfalls were spectacular.







We moved on to the see the Yosemite falls. Yosemite Falls, one of the world’s tallest, is actually made up of three separate falls: Upper Yosemite fall, the middle cascades and Lower Yosemite fall. I supposed the best time to visit waterfalls has to be in Spring, when most of the snowmelt occur. It is possible for the waterfalls to dry up by August. And we happened to be there during the fall’s peak runoff. Standing near the waterfall, we could feel droplets of the cold and clear spring water gushing down. Brr…





We ended our Yosemite park tour at the Tunnel View vantage point where we saw the Yosemite Valley and we were totally mesmerized by its breath-taking view. Amazing! We thought the scenery looks like a portrait of a beautiful nature painting.




It is definitely a wonderful place for a getaway, picnic, campfire, adventurous hike and many other activities. There are a number of hotels located within the park with shuttle bus services as well. If only we were given more time, we would love to have a picnic there. Well that’s the cons of following a tour. Despite of the limited time spent here, Papa Yap and I would regard this as a spectacular trip and one we will never forget. We absolutely love this magnificent nature park! 🙂





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