Disneyland Day 2

*** 11.05.14***

Day 2

Just one day in Disneyland, I’m already seeing the different colour tones on our skin. We had the kiddos applied with plenty of sunblock lotion before setting off to Disneyland park. The weather during the day was very hot yet by evening time, it turned cold and chilly. Hence jackets were essential, moreover we would be staying at the park till late night.


The Disneyland staff were distributing fresh flower pins for all mommies(Yep, I had one carnation pin.)  at the entrance of the park. We then remembered it was Mother’s day that day. We didn’t thought of it when we were first planning our itinerary but I absolutely love the idea of celebrating Mother’s Day in Disneyland. 🙂

Upon entering the park, Darian, the little observant boy spotted Mickey and friends out on the street for the meet the characters photo sessions. He chose to take a picture with Pluto and Mickey mouse first which by the time we walked over to Donald, the photo taking session has already ended. Well, he was contented still. 🙂




As we walked over to the castle, we stumbled across Mickey and friends showtime at a perfect timing. We got a superb unblock view of the performance. Darian and Dyann were all engrossed with the show. Nice!




I’m not exactly a fan of the princesses but we did have photos taken with four other princesses. I supposed all the crowd went over to Princess Elsa and Anna of Frozen. The queue there was totally insane. We tried going back later that day however, they were already closed for the day.


My all time favourite Princess Belle!

Over at the Tomorrowland, we met Thor and Captain America in the Innoventions building. There was a section of Iron man displays too. All the boys’ superheros! After that Papa Yap took Darian for a car ride while Dyann and I waited for them. The ride should be fun because the boy came back with a wide grin. 🙂




The next stop was over at Mini Toon Town.  We spent nearly two hours there visiting Mickey and Minnie houses, exploring Donald boat, took pictures with Mickey, Minnie and Goofy, shopping and taking a late lunch break. Whilst stepping into Mini Toon Town, Papa Yap and I recalled our fond memories at Disneyland Tokyo back in 2008. Those were the days! Talking about Disneyland Tokyo, Darian suggested to go there for our next vacation. Haha!










How can we ever miss out watching parades in Disneyland? We simply love watching them. As usual, we got there early to secure a decent place, meanwhile making use of the waiting time to enjoy a coffee break. Oh yes it was very much needed! I’m one caffeine addict! heehee 😉 This time round, Dyann got to stand watching the entire parade. She was so excited and during the parade, she even danced to the loud catchy music. Max adorable! The Mickey’s Soundsational Parade was great! Mickey and the other Disney characters accompanying the fantastic and vibrant floats, energetic and professional performers, definitely entertained us well throughout the whole time. What a blast!








The main highlight of Disneyland Park has to be this Fantasmic show! It was certainly worth the 2 hours or more of waiting time. Seriously, I’m not kidding. Our jaws dropped when we saw the number of crowd already sitting there. Oh come on, we were almost 2 hour early alright. Since the seated area was almost taken up, we decided to find the most suitable place to watch the show. I must say because we were very early as such we managed to get a good spot. Shortly the crowd began to build up. I was joking with Papa Yap that the show better be good if not we would be literally wasting our time. Apparently it turned out to be far more than good. It was absolutely spectacular! The water show with special effects features Mickey battling the evil queen and her evil forces which includes one huge fire breathing beastly dragon. Along with princesses and their princes cruising past the river on beautiful lit up floats and Peter Pan along with Captain hook and the pirates on board a pirate ship. However it was rather difficult to take pictures as the stage was across the river, the place was dark, lots of visual effects and droplets of water was always blowing towards us. Nevertheless we thoroughly enjoyed the amazing show. Thumbs up!


Look at the crowd at 8pm…


Finally the show began at 9pm.


The princesses and princes cruised by.


The big dragon


All the characters for the performance on board the ferry cruise.


We love Disneyland!


Us with our first precious! If only Dyann was awake.

To sum up, we spent both awesome days at Disneyland taking lots of pictures, queuing and waiting(1 to 2 hours) for the characters and shows, going for some fun rides and shopping for those oh-so-cute Disney stuff(I couldn’t resist!). We had an absolute wonderful family time there. Disneyland makes us very happy indeed! That’s why it is called the happiest place on earth! Woots! Papa, please bring us to Disneyland again! 😉



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