Adventures in the west coast 1



At LAX airport. We had no choice but to use the cart that cost us 5usd… Seriously just how great Singapore airport is right?! We even have strollers for free. 🙂


The kiddos who were still coping fine after the 5 hours flight and 3 hours time difference. I supposed they were very excited, especially Darian Yap! 🙂

Like I mentioned in my previous post, we were on our own for the first few days where we rented a car and explored Los Angeles ourselves. It wasn’t really that hard as we did some ‘homework’ prior to the trip and already had all the locations stored in the GPS. Anyways the first few days were planned mainly for the kiddos. Darian had been talking about the theme parks in California since last year. Hence, we decided to kick start the first part of our vacation with the theme parks before we cover the sightseeing part. It was definitely a fantastic start for them, in fact all of us. We had a whale of a time in the theme parks. Well what can I say? We totally love Disneylands! 🙂


I told him that was our car for the first few days! haha Yeah I wished! 😉


Our Nissan Altima for the first 6 days! A pretty comfortable and spacious car for us.

On day 1 after we arrived in LAX airport, we took the shuttle bus to the Hertz company to collect our rental car. This time round, we learnt smart after our Orlando trip. We brought along the kids’ car seats instead of renting them. Here in states, they are really strict with kids on car seats even when using a rental car. Anyways checking in the car seats in the airport is free. I would rather the hassle than paying such an amount for rental.  Seriously the rental is more expensive than getting a brand new normal car seat from Walmart…


We saw the Hollywood sign from the Hollywood and Highland centre.


Waiting for our Starbucks pastry and coffee!


Looking for it and we found it!


Arnold’s hand and foot prints


They love to pose for sure! 🙂


TCL Chinese Theatre




My son and I ❤


Oscar award to my lovely family? 😉

        While walking along the Hollywood walk of fame street, our eyes were all over the floor looking for some iconic star tiles like Jackie Chan and Tom cruise. Despite many people standing around, we still managed to take some decent pictures of the star tiles. Although Madame Tussauds and the TCL Chinese theatre were along the stretch of the street, we did not have the time to take a tour inside. I guessed having some pictures taken at the entrance were somewhat good enough. Heehee 😉


After hanging around the streets and mall for two hours, we drove to a nearby estate to take a picture of the Famous Hollywood Sign. We spent awhile on the road before finding a relatively good spot to take a quick picture of the sign. You know it’s only normal for a tourist to do such thing. Heehee 😉





Our hotel room for the next 3 days. Although the fittings were a little old, the room was spacious enough and most importantly within our budget. Couldn’t ask for more! 🙂

So we ended Day 1, checking in the hotel, going to the nearest Walmart to get some food and necessities, as well as getting a dinner takeaway. The driving distance to the hotel is probably about an hour but traffic was so congested that we took almost two hours to reach our destination. When I thought I95 in Virginia was bad, here in California wasn’t any better. Haha… Basically our plan was to have an early night and rest well to prepare for our next two days of Disney fun! Yay! 🙂



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