Goodbye Virginia Hello Singapore Part 1

Hi folks! We are back in Singapore since 24th May. For the past two weeks, we were busy settling down, unpacking and handling some unexpected little issues that cropped up along the way. Finally, everything seems to be on track already and I have time to blog again. 🙂 It has been quite a while since I last blogged. I had actually wanted to do some updates before returning back to Singapore, yet back then we were occupied with all the logistics and administrative works, as well as going for our vacation in the east coast as a finale for our US expedition. With all those tedious happenings, I was physically and mentally drained which left me literally zero energy to be sitting in front of the laptop. Therefore, this post and the next will be a summary of our final lap in US as well as the transition from US to Singapore. Sad to say that there will not be many photos attached as I dropped my phone on the third day after we returned in Singapore… *sigh*


We were officially ‘home-less’ in the US on the 7th May and began ‘hotel-hopping’ before flying back to Singapore on the 22nd. Luckily for us, we managed to sell away our car, furniture to Papa Yap’s friends which made moving out of our apartment much easier. We stayed on the Quantico base camp for 2 nights and attended Papa Yap’s graduation on the 8th. I am really proud of him completing this course with great results and be recognised for his effort. Although he didn’t receive the top international award, his result was still in the top ten percent of the school. Still a job well done Papa! 🙂


After Papa Yap’s graduation, we flew to Los Angeles the next morning and began our well deserved vacation in the East Coast where we spent our first 6 days free and easy driving from LA to San Diego after which we joined a tour agency for the next 8 days, travelling to San Francisco and Las Vegas. It was a wholesome experience and we enjoyed it to the max, albeit tiring. Having to shuffle around hotels with big luggage and two young kids, waking up really early to join the tour, is definitely not easy. To add on, long distance travels makes it even more challenging. Thank goodness, everything went on pretty smooth for us and Papa Yap and I were glad to receive many compliments about the kids and us throughout the tour. Also, we manage to meet up with Papa Yap’s cousin Zheng Hao and his girlfriend in San Francisco too. How nice! 🙂


In fact, we could have return straight back to Singapore from LA if we didn’t have so many luggage. Seriously in that way we could also shorten our return flight journey by at least 5 hours… However, due to the number of luggage we had, there was no way that we could bring all over. Hence, our friends on Quantico base camp kept our luggage for us until we are back on the 22nd. Thanks to the Smiths Family! 🙂 So we spent our last day in Quantico running some last minute errand, meeting up with the Smiths and sorting out all the luggage.




It’s unbelievable that 11 months just went by this fast. This whole US expedition for our family had been a totally amazing one. In this short period, we met many nice friends, travelled to a number of states, learnt about the American’s culture, experienced the four seasons and spent a lot of wonderful family time together. For Papa Yap, it seemed like a fantastic break from his usual hectic work life. As for us, we absolutely enjoyed having Papa Yap to be home for dinner everyday, giving us his undivided attention. What more could we asked for. Most importantly, we realised the kids have grown much attached to him because of this trip too. It’s really a good thing! 🙂 I must say this whole episode would not be the same, if not for all our EWS friends and their family. A big thank you to our American and International friends who simply made our stay there a much welcome and special one. It is really our pleasure to know them and their family. We hope that one day we will meet again wherever it may be and of course if they ever visit Singapore, Papa Yap and I will certainly be more than glad to play host. So till then! 🙂



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