A happy day at Kings Dominion

***26th April 14***




Yay! We finally made it to Kings Dominion on its first day of opening for 2014. They had been closed for winter since last November. Before that, we have been wanting to visit the theme park but didn’t exactly have time back then. We were glad to be there on our second last weekend of our stay in Virginia. On a side note, I will update about the end of our tour really soon! Back to the topic, the journey from our place to Kings Dominion was only an hour drive but traffic was very bad that day and we ended up with a quick lunch stop and 2 restroom breaks en route! Seriously it was that bad. We left home at 11am and had only got there nearly 2pm.





We kicked off with the mini Eiffel Tower, one of the park’s signature attractions. It is a one-third replica of the original Eiffel Tower in Paris. At the top of the observation deck, we get to see the panorama view of the entire theme park. We had a good view from the top, also that was when Darian spotted the kids’ driving circuit and became so excited. Obviously the driving circuit was the next to go for us. 🙂





Darian was so keen to drive the little car, yet at the same time sweating over it. We could tell that he was very nervous. At his turn, he started tearing when the cars he wanted were taken by others. The instructions was to walk to the car but the other kids were all running toward the cars. Therefore by the time he got there, they were all taken up. We can’t blame him for that. He was just following instructions which was only right. Still he managed to find the last vacant at the other end. While watching him play, we thought he picked up fast and was able to drive and control the car really well. Good job son. True enough, he was more confident after his first attempt and requested for a second round.







Darian was enthusiastic to go for the kids’ rides in Planet Snoopy. In fact he took many rides this time round as compared to the previous times at other theme parks. He even had his virgin bumper car ride! So cool! Papa Yap and I were a little taken aback by him, yet at the same time really happy to see that he is now more adventurous and braver. Well perhaps its only natural as kids grow.




As for Dyann, there were limited rides, she could ride on due to the height constraints. They were really strict on the rules. However, she did go for a train ride along with Darian and me, as well as a jeep and car ride together with Darian. She was gleaming with joy, bouncing up and down when Papa Yap carried her out from the jeep during her first attempt. Honestly, I had objected to Papa Yap’s decision of placing her into the jeep at first. I had my reservations on safety issue and was rather mad at him. I felt it was still dangerous for a little kid to ride on without any adult supervision. Furthermore, we couldn’t even see them behind the railings. Boy, I was just paranoid. Seriously I even thought I heard her crying. But Darian told us that she was laughing during the ride. Yeah silly mommy… I have definitely underestimated my little girl! 😉

We spent the entire afternoon at Planet Snoopy, thus didn’t make it in time for the Dinosaurs trail attraction. We had to give it a miss because there wasn’t any lights in that attraction so there was no way we could walk and see in the trail. Darian was only feeling a little disappointed after hearing our explanation. I suppose he was way too happy to be bothered by it. Haha… If only we had started with Dinosaur alive first instead of Planet snoopy, then the whole trip would be perfect.



Papa Yap brought Darian on a go-kart ride. He was certainly so proud of it. According to Papa Yap, each time he accelerates, Darian would make noise and tell him to slow down. Haha… Yep they were the last but who cares? It was ultimately a great experience for both father and son.










Snoopy was one of my childhood favourite. Having to see a snoopy theme park definitely relived my childhood memories. I was like one happy big kid! 😉 As that day also coincided with it’s 40th Anniversary, they had fireworks at 9.50pm to commemorate the occasion. It was a bonus for us! I love to watch fireworks! Hence we left only after 10pm. It was indeed a tiring and long day outside. Nevertheless, the kids had a whole load of fun, so did we! 🙂



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