15 days 14 nights


Does the title sound like we are off for another adventure in US? Sad to say, it did not happen… It was actually Papa yap leaving home for an outfield exercise and we were literally homebound for 15 days. Boohoo… So the plan was to stock up 2 weeks of necessities and grocery and if I were to run out of any ingredients, I would have to get delivery orders from restaurants. The thing is that, it is rather impossible to get out of the house if I don’t drive. Unlike in Sg, I could easily walk out to get stuff from nearby. Even if I’m not driving, transportation would never be of any issues to bring the kids out. The fact that I’m a no risk taker and stayed firm with my decision not to drive during this stay in US. I really have to prepare thoroughly, at the same time cross my fingers that things would be all smooth sailing during this period.

Thankfully everything did turn out fine and that I have nice friends who made that two weeks better for us. Feroz got me some grocery on the second weekend and that definitely helped a lot. Those were the food I couldn’t stock up on. Also, Lourdes and Sarah had arranged for play dates which made double Ds very happy having visitors over at our place. The kids had fun playing around with their little friends while I had a great catch up with the mommies! 🙂




Within these few months, double Ds became much closer to Papa Yap. We were so surprised to see Darian feeling upset due to his absence. He woke up that morning Papa Yap left, looked at the bed, ran out the room and came back in with tears. He told me he was sad that Papa would not be home for many days. Oh boy! It has never bothered him in the past and he would not even ask for him. Yet for the first time, he actually cried. We really felt that he is now much attached to Papa Yap. Obviously that is a good thing! As for Baby Dyann, she is constantly blabbering about papa. Like how each time after shower, she would point at her wet hair and say “papa”. She really prefers her papa to blow dry her hair. Funny girl! And whenever Papa Yap called home, it is only like mandatory for them to talk to him and say goodbye. If I ever put down the phone abruptly without letting them bid goodbye to their father, that just meant disaster. Haha 🙂 Not only that, they both also sent many voice records through whatsapp to Papa Yap! Sometimes I weren’t aware at all until I browsed through my phone.

At last the two weeks had past and we are so happy to have him back home with us! He made the kids extra happy by getting them a toy each on his way back home. Well as for me, I’m just glad to see him. Really glad.



After this major exercise, we are into our last lap of this expedition already. It’s time to start packing, sort out the furniture, sell the car and settle some administrative stuff. Plenty of things to do but we are absolutely looking forward to return home! Counting down! Woohoo! 🙂



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