NYC Day 4

***14th March 14***


Our last day in NYC concluded with a visit to the Statue of Liberty and Elise Island. We see figures of Statue of Liberty wherever we go in NYC. At the toy stores, the M&M store, Disney store and even on the streets where people dressed up as Statue of Liberty working for tips. So how can a trip to NYC ever be completed without visiting the Statue of Liberty right?






We check out of the hotel at 8am, loaded up all the luggage into the bus and proceeded to the Ferry Terminal. It was yet another freezing day and I definitely was not wearing enough. As expected security was tight at the Ferry terminal. It was a little troublesome during winter time and with the stroller but I certainly felt safer this way. At the Statue of Liberty, we took some quick pictures and went to the food court for lunch. It was way too cold and windy to stay outdoor for long. After lunch we hopped on the next ferry to Elise Island where we spent our next one and half hour in the museum before boarding the ferry to New Jersey terminal where our bus was.







This NYC trip was really a fulfilling one. We had seen New York City in movies; the busy streets and roads, buildings, billboards, lights, yellow cab… Yet having to experience walking down the streets, looking at all those somehow familiar surroundings and landmarks, seemed so surreal to us. Nonetheless we totally had a fabulous time while Darian had a good eye opener in NYC! Until now, he is still talking and pointing to us whenever he sees New York City, Statue of Liberty and Empire State building on TV. Seriously I don’t recall having any knowledge of NYC when I was four. And I don’t even think I know where NYC is. Kids nowadays! 😉



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