NYC Day 2

***12th March 14***

Day 2 began with a guided bus tour around NYC and Central Park. We had a walk around Central park, Grand Central Station, and the charging bull at the Bowling Green, while the rest of the time was on the bus touring around the city. So we kind of catch a total glimpse of NYC within the first half of the day after all.


Group photo at the Alice in Wonderland sculpture in Central Park. Haha looked like the sculpture was totally blocked by us.


My boy and I.


The cooperative kids!


At Grand Central Station


The charging bull.


At the bowling green little park.

As for the second half, we had made plans to visit the American Museum of Natural History  – The museum where they filmed ‘A night in the museum’. Walking from the hotel to the museum would probably take about 40 minutes but with the kiddos, likely it would seem forever to reach there you know. Looking at the walking distance, weather and conveniences, we decided to hail a yellow cab instead. Papa Yap and I thought that the 15 bucks was really money well spent as weather was really one major issue.


Yay we have reached our destination!


Statue of Theodore Roosevelt


Father and son

Even though it was a weekday, the museum was really crowded. It seemed like to me that this is a must go place for tourists in NYC for sure. There was a long line at a booth and we didn’t know why. It appeared that they were holding on to some sort of booklet or pass. Whatever it was, we managed to get the tickets from the ticket machines and got into the exhibit halls real fast. As usual Darian was excited to see the exhibits. We spent quite a while walking around the museum, looking at all the open exhibits. We missed out the hall of ocean life, the one with the big blue whale as the main highlight, as there was an event going on. Anyways the museum actually has a sleepover night event where one could spend and experience a night in the museum. How cool was that! Well then again nothing comes free alright! 🙂 We did have a total smashing family time at the museum. So much to see and talk about. Even Darian knew about the movie ‘The night in the museum’ and was fast to point out to us when he saw the dinosaur and Dumdum! 🙂  The trip at the museum ended at the kids discovery room where Darian and I spent some time inside while Papa Yap pushed the sleeping baby in the stroller to another exhibit.















Just as we wanted to take a stroll back to our hotel, at the same, do some sightseeing and settle our dinner, it has to rain. Seriously! Thank goodness I have an umbrella with me, so the kids and I were saved from the drizzle. What is rain considering for a guy who crawls, runs, sleeps, bashes through the jungle. So sorry Papa! 😉 With the persistent showers, we decided to take a cab back instead as we didn’t want the kiddos to catch a cold. It is seriously no joke for them to fall sick during travels. We didn’t consider the subway due to the peak hours and stroller issue. It was very hard to get a cab during that hour and weather as well. And guess what a limousine driver who was outside the museum offered to send us to the hotel at 20 bucks. In view of the weather and a chance of seating in a limo, we hopped on without much hesitations. It was so cool! Darian called it as the long car! Well technically he was not wrong. haha 🙂



I couldn’t imagine if we had rejected his offer. We would either still be waiting by the road side or walking back in the cold weather.  We managed to get some to go food for dinner along the way back to the hotel, and also visited New York Disney store. Yet another fulfilling day for us!






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