New York City here we come

***11th March 14***

The long-awaited New York City trip had finally arrived and we were feeling very excited for it. The school had organised a 4 days NYC study field trip for the international officers, at the same time marking it the last fieldtrip with the EWS course coming to an end in May. Needless to say, we went along with Papa Yap. How could we give it a miss? We didn’t have to worry about driving for 5 to 6 hours, as well as the parking(parking in New York is EXPENSIVE). Besides, it was cheaper to follow the school than to travel there on our own.

Fortunately we didn’t experience any difficulties with the kiddos throughout the long bus rides, to and fro NYC. Half of the time they were sleeping and the other time they were really manageable. Lucky us! 🙂



I was still hoping for better weather so that I only had to pack lighter wears for the family, at the same time making it easier for us to walk around the streets of NYC, yet it turned out colder than what I wish for. Except for the first day, the following three days were freezing cold. The big coats, hoods and gloves were like essentials for the whole trip.

Our first stop was at the Empire State Building – The iconic skyscraper that ‘King Kong’ climbed up! Apparently there were many movies that featured the Empire State building but definitely King Kong was the most memorable for us. We went up the sky observatory deck to watch New York’s skyline and were amazed by its metropolitan view. Spectacular! Looking at NYC at 86 storey high was that awesome!









So Day 1 ended with a free and easy night after checking into the hotel. We did some homework prior the trip and hit the streets right after the check-in. That definitely made it easier for us with two young kids. The location of the hotel at Time Square was rather ideal for all of us. From Broadway shows to shopping, they were all nearby. Papa Yap and I were sure that Darian would be the happiest with it because the biggest Toy R US store in New York was right at the bend of the street where the hotel was. They even have a big Ferris wheel inside the store. It was REALLY hard to miss it. As expected, we got to convince him that Toy R US would only be our last stop of the day. Well then again he had no choice but to follow us reluctantly. We headed to MacDonalds for a quick dinner before walking around the streets. Thanks to the happy meal toy that stopped the boy from thinking of that store for a while. Haha… With kids around, Broadway shows were certainly not on our to-go-list. Though we very much would like to watch the Lion King on the Broadway you know. We were very focus and managed to cover the places as planned. Of course TOY R US was the last stop of the day. 🙂



















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