Spring is sprouting

Just days before Spring…

Somehow it seemed like Winter wanted to make its end with a bang! It snowed for the entire day and the whole place was once again all covered with few inches of snow. Did I even mention that it’s only normal that school and base camp would be closed in view of the weather conditions. So for the umpteen times this winter, Papa Yap camp was on a code red thus all classes and activities were cancelled.

Well we did have our last bit of snow fun before Winter transits into Spring. Seriously weather was so cold that we couldn’t stay out for long. Still, double Ds were overjoyed with all the snow play. While Baby Dyann enjoyed herself with Papa Yap pulling her on the sled, Darian had a whole ball of fun throwing snowballs too.






We are really looking forward to this Spring. It’s time to keep those big coats and gloves for good. Time to watch the trees blossom. And it’s about time to go home soon. Yay! Darian is literally counting down to the day. Haha… It’s going to be a lovely Spring for sure! 🙂






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