Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

***2nd February 14***


There are a number of Smithsonian museums in Washington DC and the best part is that they are all admission free. Yet despite staying here for 8 months, we have not been to all of them. We were actually selective and only chose museums that were more interesting for the kiddos. Besides, weather was another contributing factor which kept us away from DC this winter.

As expected the museum was crowded on a Saturday. Still, it is definitely a great place for family with young kids to visit. There are tons of interesting and educational exhibits to see for both the adults and kids. We totally had a great time walking through the exhibit halls.








We realized Darian really likes going to such museums and shows keen interest especially in animals and dinosaurs exhibits. He just got to have million of questions for us! There was the kids discovery center where Darian absolutely enjoyed himself, having fun doing some hands on activities. As for Dyann, she most probably doesn’t really understand what’s going on, however she likes doing what her big brother does. It’s kind of hard to strap her down in stroller nowadays you know.








Also for Darian, it seems that the entire museum visit would be incomplete without stepping into the gift shop. It’s only typical of Darian wanting us to visit the shop, the moment we arrive in the museum. Of course, we only allow gift shop to be our last stop for any museum visit. Obviously, it was all those toys that enticed him. I have always tried not to give in to his requests of getting any stuff in the shop. However it appears I’m quite a sucker for that. Haha… There are times when I stood really firm but sometimes(or was it most of the times) I wavered. Darian is certainly aware that there would be literally no chance for him to convince Papa Yap so he pestered me instead. As much as I don’t want to cultivate such spending habits, it’s just so hard for me to say no to him at times. Are all mommies like this too? Haha 😉


  We spent a lot of time on the first floor and didn’t have time for the second. So perhaps one fine day we would be back to the museum again. Overall, we did have much wonderful family times that day and yes double Ds went home with a plushie each. Happy kiddos, happy parents, happy day! Yay! 🙂



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