Darian loves Dinosaurs

***9th February 14***

We chanced upon the Discover Dinosaur advertisement on TV and decided to bring the kids to check out the exhibition over at Dulles Expo during the weekend. So on that day itself, Darian was very thrilled after finding out where we were heading to.

The place was already packed when we reached the car park at 11am. Freezing cold weather, big crowd and long lines to get into the building. Totally crazy! Since we were already there, the thought of backing out would definitely lead to much tears and disappointment. Thus we could only brave through the weather and hope that the line was fast.





Other than walking through the dinosaurs exhibits, there were a number of activities for the kids to do. But we had only completed the mini golf, triceratops ride, Dino den and the maze. It was hard to join the lines for a second time as they were seriously way too long and time consuming. While our basic tickets didn’t permit us for some activities, we didn’t want to fork out any more extra cash to stand in long lines before our kids get to play.





Frankly, Papa Yap and I weren’t exactly impressed with the exhibition and felt the tickets were rather overpriced. Maybe it’s because there were too many people and we didn’t get to complete all the stations. Having said so, the kiddos still enjoyed themselves pretty much and were even happier to go home with a Dino toy each. 🙂






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