A short trip part 1 – luray caverns

***17th Jan 14***



It was another long weekend holiday for Papa Yap and we planned for a short trip to the west of Virginia. This time round, we invited Feroz to join us and were glad that he was keen on it. 🙂

We met Feroz at our place and set off together in our car. It took us about 2 hours to reach our first stop – the Luray Caverns. I was captivated by the beautiful scenery of mountains, houses and farms, along the road. This is something we would not get to see in Singapore. Everything looked so calm, relax and slow paced as compared to Singapore. How nice! 🙂





Luray Caverns is one magnificent underground caverns with beautiful natural stalactites, stalagmites and columns formation created over thousands of years. It’s like hundreds of year for mere inches of stalactites, just how amazing is that. Seems like a phenomenal to me! It was a guided tour in group of about 20 people and took about an hour. Basically you couldn’t get down in there on your own. Perhaps it is one measure to ensure safety of visitors, at the same time to protect the natural creations.



We were totally staring in awe at all those amazing formations. It was that spectacular! What an incredible place to be in. There was this largest pool of water in the caverns known as the Dream Lake, reflected and created a mirror image of the stalactites hanging from the ceiling. Seriously I didn’t realise that was a reflection initially. The water was really sparkling clear! Besides the few highlighted formations, the next awesome sight was the stalactites organ which played a tune. Though we have to stay quiet to be able to hear the sound clearly.



We stopped by this wishing pond in the caverns where Papa Yap, Darian and I made our wishes by tossing in coins. After that, Darian happily told me that his wish was to have many many toys. Haha… As usual my funny son! 🙂

At the end of the tour, we proceeded to the cars and toys museum next to the caverns. At the cars museum, there was a wide display of antique cars, some of which were familiar car brands like Mercedes and Rolls Royce. Well it didn’t take us long to finish the walk through. And the toys museum which had a big collection of Play Mobile set displays and toys from early centuries till date. What attracted Darian was actually the wooden train set table at the gift shop. He was exceptionally glad to be able to play with it! Hence we decided to have some coffee at the café while waiting for Darian. Overall the trip at Luray Caverns was a great one! 🙂










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