CNY 2014

This Chinese New Year is rather an unique one for us. It’s our first time we spent CNY out of Singapore. It’s my first time having to prepare reunion dinner for my little family, making my own yusheng, albeit missing the CNY atmosphere. Back at home, yusheng is sold everywhere, my mother and MIL prepare all the ingredients and dishes for the reunion dinners, and all we do was just eat! Haha 🙂

Frankly, I was feeling quite emotional on the eve and the first two days of CNY especially when I browsed through lots of CNY photos in Facebook. I have always look forward to such occasion where family, relatives and friends gather around. It is certainly nice to see all the familiar faces during such festive season. Couldn’t help but to have such mixed feelings…

We only experienced a bit of the CNY mood the following week when we visited SLTC Tan and family, attended the embassy CNY reception and went to DA’s
house. Although we couldn’t find any mandarin oranges in stores, we managed to select the biggest tangerines among all to make do for our house visits. Heehee 😉 Still we did have had some celebrations with fellow Singaporeans after all.

So here I wish everyone a Happy and Prosperous Horse year with abundance of good health and wealth! Let’s us all Huat in this ‘Horseh’ year!! 🙂


Simple reunion dinner for the yappies. Fishball cabbage soup, breaded prawns and omelette, minced meat tofu and pan-fry fish. Obviously I overcooked again. Well it can also means abundance right? Heehee 😉


Darian and Dyann wishes everyone Gong Xi Fa Cai! 😉


My first homemade fruity veggy yusheng. It was a great success and Papa Yap finished the plate clean! Really yummy and I even prepared one for Papa Yap’s classmates the next morning. Am glad that they enjoyed it too! 🙂


Darian having fun tossing the yusheng! Huat ah!


Aww… My two lovely angels in their Chinese costume. 🙂


Papa Yap and Double Ds


Us at the Embassy  CNY dinner reception. 🙂




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