Day 7 – SeaWorld

***26th December 13***


And six days just zoomed by that fast! We were already in the second last day of our vacation and SeaWorld was the last stop for this Orlando adventure. We actually thought of revisiting Magic Kingdom to complete touring the entire park. However after checking the ticket price and considering the cons factors, we felt that it was not worth the cost. Hence, we decided to visit SeaWorld Orlando instead. It was a good choice after all. SeaWorld Orlando was far better than expected. 🙂






It was already 10ish by the time we got into the park. The great thing is that the park was not as crowded as Disneyland. Nice! We felt that SeaWorld is definitely one fantastic theme park. From the animals attractions and shows to the rides and kids play area, there were plenty to do for all ages. Also, Papa Yap and I really liked the ‘sure to win’ concept at the kids fun-fair stalls. Darian went back with two stuff toys happily. Shouldn’t all theme parks be like this? Making all kids happy at all time! 🙂




We started the day with a cartoon portrait for double Ds. Papa Yap finally had his wish fulfilled. Haha… He was really keen in having one done, after visiting Universal Studio Singapore. Apparently whenever we visit a theme park, he would stop by the stall to watch the artist doing the sketch. Perhaps we can have a family sketch in future.




One of the hottest attraction in SeaWorld has to be the Shamu(orca) show. I supposed it was a must-do thing for people who visited SeaWorld. The show was that impressive. We enjoyed it. The shamus looked so majestic and beautiful. Judging their size, the splash zone was certainly a big no no for us. True enough, the amount of water that splashed out was totally insane. Haha.. I saw people getting real wet!






Darian was so disappointed when the flamingo lake ride was closed for the day. But it didn’t take him long to calm down after we arrived at the kids play area. One big play area with kids rides and fun-fair stalls. How could he possibly not be happy? 🙂





So when we thought we wouldn’t be staying too long in the park and could dine at one of a restaurant near our hotel. We were at the park the entire day. Yet another misjudgment day. Haha.. The thought of all those fast food really irked us but there’s nothing much we could do. One thing for sure was that we would not be eating fast food any time soon after this trip! We left the park after the Elmo Christmas show and photography session. An entertaining and lively show for the kiddos. Darian loved it and even Baby Dyann sashay to the music at some point of the time. Adorable! 🙂 Overall, we had a smashing great day at the park. Awesome! 🙂




While our vacation had officially came to an end, Day 8 was breakfast at hotel and afternoon flight back to Virginia. This Orlando adventure was definitely a memorable one.  8 days of absolute wonderful family time. Love it! 🙂 Thank you Papa Yap for this marvellous vacation!



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