Day 5 – Disney Animal Kingdom

***24th December 13***




Out of the four Disneyland theme parks, Papa Yap and I decided to visit only the Animal Kingdom and Magic Kingdom. The Epcot and Hollywood Studio theme park seem more suitable for older kids. Like its name, Animal Kingdom, it is a Disney theme park designed based on the Animal theme. Hence, not only you will get to see Disney Characters, hop on some attraction rides, there is also a Safari where visitors can take a safari ride around the trail, watching animals freely roaming around. As well as a jungle walking trail where animals can be seen too.




  It was Christmas Eve and obviously there would be a large crowd expected at the park. The parking style is totally similar to Universal Studio. It didn’t get us long to get a car lot but walking to the entrance is really a distance. We got into the park at 9am and began our jungle expedition first with Chip and Dale, Donald Duck and the characters from Jungle Book. Clearly my kids are not camera-shy. It wasn’t that difficult to get them looking at the camera, however, Baby Dyann always has that curious look and her eyes or hands are usually on the characters instead. 😉




We headed for the Lion King Show and spent 45 minutes waiting in line. Seriously, it was really a worthwhile wait. The 30 minutes musical stage show was spectacular with awesome singers, dancers, acrobats and great set design. We totally enjoyed it! You know what, since then Darian has been singing the lyrics “In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight.”. heehee 🙂




The Finding Nemo musical was just that fantastic as well. A puppetry musical show, retelling the story of ‘Finding Nemo’ with stunning visual and auditory effects and beautiful giant props in about 30 minutes. Great! Darian was really attentive, watching the musical. After watching the movie for several times, he probably was familiar with the storyline and able to relate to it. Baby Dyann on the other hand, was not too enthusiastic about it. She was really trying hard to move around.












So for the entire day we caught two shows, went to the Bugs Life attraction, Rafiki’s planet watch and the Dinoland, photo sessions with a number of characters, watch the Mickey’s Jungle parade but missed out the timing for the safari ride and the jungle trail! We were like 15 minutes late for the last ride! Boohoo! I was extremely disappointed, especially with the safari ride. I bet Darian would feel so too if I were to tell him earlier. Well Papa Yap was trying to cheer me up by telling me that it was merely looking at animals and we could do it in the Zoo. Oh come on…you know the difference is obvious alright. I think it would be better if he had suggested to bring us back again. Haha… 😉


Nonetheless, it was absolutely a jolly wonderful Christmas eve for us. The Yappies sure have ton of fun and laughter at the Animal Kingdom. Happy day, happy us! 🙂



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