Day 3 – Adventure Island and Hollywood Drive Golf

***22nd December 13***


It’s always good to book a hotel centralized to the places you want to visit. This can really save much time. Though Universal studio is only about 20 minutes drive away, we still leave the hotel early at 8am just in case of traffic jam and car park queue. Besides, we expected the place to be pretty crowded as it was a Sunday. The car park at the theme park is chargeable according to the type of the car. We paid like 16 bucks for a day parking. Regardless, I like their parking system. They had staff controlling and directing cars into specific lots in an orderly manner. Seriously this save us a lot of time without having to look for a car park lot. We got into the park at 9ish and rented a double stroller for double Ds so that Darian could take a rest when he gets tired. He was so happy. 🙂



What’s interesting at Adventure island is definitely the boys all time favourite – the Marvel Superheroes, and the Harry Potter attraction! We began our
Adventure with the superheroes and took a few pictures with Captain America(omg he is so tall can!), Wolverine and Spider-Man. Darian was exceptionally happy to take a photo with Spider-man hence we bought the photo for him. The show where the superheroes gather down at the street was totally so cool! Woots! While waiting for the show, Papa Yap went for the Spider-Man ride. There wasn’t much queue for the single rider as they are planned to fill in empty seats in between.





Darian loves Dinosaur! We had our lunch at the Jurassic Park attraction and went to the dinosaur discovery centre thereafter. Darian enjoyed looking at the dinosaurs and playing with the interactive games. As usual, Darian refused to take any rides. No rides meant no time wasted standing in queue! 😉







Up next was the Harry Potter attraction! Papa Yap and I love watching all the Harry Potter movies. The streets were designed to look like Diagon Alley and it was really very crowded. It seemed like everyone came just for the Harry Potter attraction. Even the store was packed! We could actually purchase the Hogwarts coat and magic wand in the store but it was really expensive. The wand cost about 35 bucks yet many people were purchasing it.





We left the theme park much earlier compared to Universal Studio as we find the themes and rides here cater more to the older kids and adults. Although Dr Seuss attraction had kid rides, Darian was least interested in them. We only took the carousel ride twice and spent some time at the play area. Thus we decided to leave at 5pm and walk around the Universal CityWalk instead.





We chanced upon the Hollywood golf centre while walking around the CityWalk. Since it was still early and Darian was keen to try the game, we decided to let him experience playing golf. There were two theme sections, the Ghost and Space, to choose from. Obviously Darian the scaredy cat chose the space. Haha 😉 It was really a fun and interesting way to play golf through different obstacle courses. Darian had so much fun there. I know of a thematic golf play in Singapore too and we will definitely be bringing him there when we are back.








So Day 3 was as enjoyable as Day 2! We had such fun time! 🙂



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