Day 2 – Universal Studio Florida

***21st December 13***

 We decided to start off our holiday adventure at Universal Studio Florida because Darian has been asking to see the minions ever since he saw them on YouTube. Having been to the Universal Studio in Japan, Singapore and Papa Yap visited the one in California, we noticed how each park distinguishes itself with their unique attractions. Seriously, come to think about it who would want to spend so much on tickets, going to the same theme park around the world. Right?


Weather was really hot, just like Singapore. I nearly wanted to get myself a pair of shorts. 😉 The park was not exactly very crowded. There were still plenty of breathing space wherever we walked. Going to such places with young kids only meant that we were unlikely be taking the rides. Either the rides were too intimidating for the kids or there was a minimal height requirement. For the entire day, we only took the ‘Despicable Me’ ride. I’m not sure if we should be happy that it was only 1 ride as that queue alone already took us an hour! Seriously! No joke standing in line with two young kids. I almost gave up. The bonus is that the simulation ride turned out to be really fun and Papa Yap and I enjoyed it. But I supposed Darian didn’t enjoy the ride at all. He was hugging Papa Yap tightly and crying throughout! Haha 😉 He should have taken the stationary seat with me and baby Dyann instead.





Although we didn’t go for any ride there after, there were still plenty for the little ones to do. Darian was so happy that we managed to take a number of pictures with the costume characters, catch the Barney, Dora and Minion shows and have a great deal of fun playing in some of the play areas. He was happier when Papa Yap bought him a Minion Fart gun and water bottle. 🙂











Because of the festive season, there was a Macy’s Christmas parade instead of the regular characters parade. Darian was really upset that he missed the parade. He dozed off while waiting for the parade to begin. I had to show him the photos yet he was feeling so sore about it. He literally blamed us for not waking him up. Actually we did try to but he was way too tired to wake up.






As night approaches, my camera had to display the low battery signal and guess what, I had forgotten to bring along the spare battery. At the same time, I didn’t realise that my phone was dying too! Argh… I was trying to save as much power possible for the rest of the night, especially for the picture with Megatron. Papa Yap has been specifically waiting for it. Luckily by then, we have almost covered the park, except for one or two attractions. We ended our day at the Simpsons fun fair with Papa Yap and Darian playing a game and winning a prize, which made Darian so elated. I’m very sure we would be expecting  some tears if they weren’t the winner. Haha 🙂





We left the theme park at 8pm and it was a certainly a tiring yet enjoyable day! We had such great time! 🙂



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