Ornament Exchange

***14th December 13***

Finally some ‘me-time’ for myself. Yes it’s over at Lourdes’s place again. I’m so glad to have made such a nice friend here. She had organized a Christmas ornament exchange party for the ladies only and we were suppose to bring along a hanging ornament each. It has been quite a while since I last attended a function without the hubs or kiddos. Somewhat it felt really nice to have a 2 hours break from the family. Guess subconsciously I kind of need it. 🙂 Papa Yap brought double Ds to a McDonalds with an indoor playground and that really kept them entertained without missing my presence. According to Papa Yap, they had so much fun there! 🙂

The party was great with yummy snacks, desserts and coffee. And not forgetting the lovely company. We had much fun and laughter, sharing those juicy news and playing the ornament game. So how did we go about playing the ornament game? Basically the game started with everyone drawing a number each. We then took turns to open an ornament in that order. After the first person opened the chosen ornament, the next person could either ‘steal’ from the first person or open a new one. By the way each ornament could only be ‘stolen’ twice. And that was what made the game interesting. 🙂

My very first time attending such party which I thought it would be nice to organize one when I return. 🙂


What a wonderful Saturday morning with all the lovelies!  🙂



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