Off to Florida Orlando we go

***20th to 27th Decemeber 13***


Yay! Our long awaited holiday has finally arrived. There were really a lot to pack for this 8 days trip. And it took me quite a while to get it all done for the four of us. 😉 We left home about 8am thinking that there might be a jam towards Washington DC. Nope there wasn’t any jam at all. Traffic was smooth when we least expected it. So we ended up at the airport real early like 3 hours before departure time. Haha… 😉 It’s a two hour flight from Washington to Orlando. Whereas a road trip down to Orlando from Virginia would take us about 12 hours. Of course we very much preferred the expensive option as we doubted the family could withstand the car journey to and fro. And especially the thought of driving back after the holiday is insane. Papa Yap would be max tired. Road trips are just not suitable for us.

Thankfully it was only a two hours flight and Baby Dyann was really manageable. In fact, Double Ds slept through for both flights. However I’m starting to worry for the return flight back to SG as it’s a 20 hours flight and I seriously don’t think Baby Dyann will be this cooperative. She is one active little girl who cannot sit still for long! hmm…





Papa Yap and I were actually expecting some old looking rented car but were surprised for a new looking Grey Mitsubishi Lancer from Budget Cars. It was very convenient as they have service booths at the airport. We could gain access to the car, after arriving at the airport and returning would be that easy too. We had rented a car to travel around Kissimmee as it is essential as a mode of transportation, especially with kids. There might be free shuttle services from the hotel to the theme parks but looking at the late and fixed timings, renting the car was definitely a great decision. It gave us ample time to stay in the park without having to rush for the bus schedule. More importantly, we could get around the place without constraints.

Our accommodation wasn’t of any four or five stars hotel but a budget one. Actually we were looking to stay in one of the Disneyland resort but it was way too expensive during this peak season. And so we decided to save on the hotel part. Honestly, I was quite upset when we first check in the hotel. It was not exactly what I expected to be. It looked old and run-down. The hubs reminded me that it was a budget hotel after all and to the extent, Papa Yap asked if I wanted to do a room upgrade. Seriously I was just being fussy. The room was spacious with two queen beds, a small round table and two chairs, one old school box TV and cabinet and a mini bar fridge. For the money spent, it was considerably good enough. Anyway we would be out most of the time and it was merely a place for us to bathe and rest for the night. Why should we spent more money for that? I was too busy settling down and forgotten to take a photo of the room. So I grab the pictures from the internet. Everything looks similar except for the TV.

Ramada 3

 ramada 4


For this 8 days and 7 nights holiday, we went to Universal Studio Florida, Universal studio adventure Island, Hollywood golf at Universal City Walk, Dinosaur World, Orlando Premium Outlet, Disney Animal Kingdom, Disney Magic Kingdom and SeaWorld Orlando. And that’s really a lot of theme parks for this holiday. We were totally exhausted. There were a few more theme parks that we didn’t visit. Maybe when the kids are older, we might have a chance to travel there again. Papa Yap I know you will be reading this! heehee 😉

Orlando, Florida is also known as a sunshine state and weather is rather similar to Singapore. For our first three days, weather was really hot and I regretted not packing in my shorts! Subsequently weather turned chilly, especially at night. Jackets were necessary to bring along! Maybe because winter has began and that explained the sudden change of temperature. According to one of the guy at SeaWorld, there isn’t any snowfall in Orlando. Hence it’s certainly a good time to visit Orlando during this season. Good weather to walk through the parks. Anyways Orlando is really one beautiful place! Love it! 🙂






Talking about exhaustion…We left the hotel early at 8am almost everyday and only got back after 9pm. And the day at Disney Magic Kingdom, we only reached back after 12am. Madness! Holidaying as a couple and with kids is just so different. I have to wake up early to prepare the kids, their breakfast, the bags, wake the hubs(anyway I have been his alarm clock all these while), then finally I could doll up myself. And I supposed one could imagine what I have to do after we returned back to the hotel. Okie I’m not complaining but merely stating the fact. Haha… You know it’s almost impossible for me to go anywhere without the kids. I would rather not go. So I’m still happy to be doing all these things for my family. Like the 7 rounds of laundry washing after the trip and I still love all of you alright! Well the hubs was sweet enough to ask me to take my time and not to rush. Eh hello, what are you going to wear if I don’t wash fast? Heehee 😉




It feels great to be back home after 8 days of holiday. I couldn’t wait to cook some homemade meals for double Ds. They were literally eating junks for the past 8 days and I just hate to see my kids not eating properly. Also, Papa Yap needs more rest at home before class starts this Thursday. 🙂

To sum up, this holiday was definitely a fantastic one! We had so much fun together and I just love the Yappies so so much! Stay tune to more posts on the theme parks folks! Hey I’m still recovering from the post holiday syndrome. 🙂



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