A visit to Quantico fire station

***13th December 13***

All thanks to Lourdes for organizing a trip to the fire station. It sure made our mundane weekday morning much more exciting. Darian and I had a great Friday morning there. Coincidentally Papa Yap has no class that day so he volunteered to bring baby Dyann along with him to run some errands. No doubt it made everything easier for me. I could move around freely and take photos of Darian. 🙂

You know boys will be boys. Darian was totally enthusiastic going around the fire station and sitting in the fire trucks. He was all hyped up! 🙂 The demonstration and explanation by the firemen was really awesome too. The best part was that they actually had a mascot – firedoggy Sparky to wrap up the whole tour. How nice! 🙂 Darian was one absolute happy boy, coming home with a fireman hat and fun pack. Well I suppose it wasn’t only the fun part, ultimately Darian did learn more about the fireman and trucks. I totally love such trips! 🙂










Mommies and our handsome boys! 🙂



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