Christmas just around the corner

We have our very first Christmas tree set up in States because Papa Yap wanted the kids to feel the Christmas atmosphere. Thank you Papa! 🙂 We specially love the Christmas atmosphere here. We get to see people getting real pine trees for Christmas, houses beautifully decorated with all the Christmas tree, lights and light up figures. It feels so different! The mood is definitely much livelier here. 🙂

Darian and baby Dyann were really excited and happy to see the tree and lights in our house. They were pretty much involved in the hanging of ornaments too. One enjoyed hanging the ornaments while the other one has fun pulling down the ornaments! Is not that hard to guess who right? And that explains why our tree is like only half decorated! We could only start at the fourth branch onwards. haha 😉

Thanks to nainai, maipors and gugus for the all the presents! If not there would only be 5. heehee 😉 Darian was extremely happy waking up to see so many presents under the tree. He believed that Santa came in the middle of the night and wondered how did Santa enter our house. Well well looks like he watched too much of Christmas cartoons! He checked the fireplace and thought it was impossible as there isn’t any hole for Santa to drop down from the chimney. The doors were locked so there’s no way Santa could come in through the door. So I told him that it was actually me who opened the door for Santa while he parked his sleigh on the balcony. He was so so upset that I didn’t wake him up to see Santa! You should have seen his face! Hilarious boy! 🙂 There’s no doubt that he wish he could tear open all the presents now but we managed to convince him that, if he ever open the presents before Christmas, they will disappear. Yes it did work for him! And now he is very worried that Baby Dyann would tear up his presents as she just tore up one! Haha 😉




We are all ready but we will be out of town for Christmas. Still, it’s going to be a jolly Christmas for us. Another 9 days more to Christmas! 🙂




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