Bath Time

Papa Yap was lounging on the sofa before Darian’s bath time.

D: Mama can you bathe me? Papa very lazy…

M: Okie! Haha…

The next moment, I could hear Papa Yap laugh and ask him “what did you say Darian?” 😉

Eventually, neither Papa Yap nor I bathe him. He actually did it himself! I couldn’t believe how much he has grown and how fast it is.

After showering, while helping him to wipe dry his body…

M: Wow Darian you are a big boy now!

D: No mama! I am not a big boy! I don’t have a lot of hair! I want to grow up taller and faster like you and papa. I want to have a lot of hair like you and papa!

Darian Yap why are you so funny? 😉

Kids… Don’t they always say the dardest things!






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