MCU tree decoration and potluck

***2nd December 13***

Our family attended a tree decoration and potluck party organized by the school for the international students. Families were expected to bring along a dish for the potluck session and a hanging ornament as well. Thanks to my very very nice husband who replied(without consulting me) that we would be bringing sambal(chilli) prawns. Oh why don’t you suggest something easier like green bean soup? Haha… That jolly meant that I have to shell and devein 2 pounds of prawns. Still, I was glad that the sambal paste that we bought was really tasty and spicy. We received good feedback on the dish and our Filipino friend, Richard, was telling us how spicy and hot it was. I suppose it was way too hot for him!


Sambal prawns. Yummy!

It was a nice evening to gather around with the other international students and their family. We tried quite a bit of international food and they tasted good too. It was certainly great that the organizing committee indented a bouncing castle for the kids too. I’m pretty sure the kids had a lot of fun, so did Darian. 🙂


International food.




Bouncing castle


The girl who cannot play in the bouncing castle.

As the tree decorations began, the kids took turns to hang their ornament on the tree. It was only then we realized that we have to bring along a hanging ornament. Thanks to Feroz who brought some hanging ornaments and gave it to Darian for him to participate in the activity. This boy insisted to hang his ornament facing the front because he wanted them to be seen!


Darian hanging the ornament.


All done! 🙂


Hi mister snowman! 🙂

At the end of the event, there was a lucky draw with some cookbooks and a light up musical snowman to be given away. We didn’t win any prize yet double Ds went home with the snowman! Guess what? A little girl(maybe 8 or 9 years old) who won the snowman gave it to Darian. Nope, Darian didn’t ask or cry for the snowman. It was just so unexpected when the little girl approached us and gave it to Darian. Wow that was absolutely sweet and kind of her being so generous! Of course Darian and Baby Dyann were really happy. So maybe we did win the lucky draw after all! Tis the season to be jolly… Lalalalala lalalala… 😉



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