Medieval Time


Medieval Times Castle


Darian and John at the entrance.


Yappies at Medieval Times! 😉


George and family

I am absolutely glad to have had made it to the Medieval Times for the dinner and tournament show. It was really that outstanding! Before that, I was actually having reservation going for it as I find the tickets rather pricey and the name of it already bored me. But I was so so wrong. It wasn’t boring at all! The food and the show certainly worth the tickets. It was a fantastic evening for us together with George’s family and their friend. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Food was yummy, show was great and service was good too! Darian was well entertained throughout the whole dinner and show. As for Baby Dyann, it was the food that kept her occupied the whole time. Seriously that’s good enough! 🙂


The flag that costs 5 bucks!


Beautiful white horse making its entrance.


Our knight!


Knights march out.


Last battle of Blue and Red knight. And the winner was Blue Knight!

Seatings were according to five coloured sectors, each representing a coloured knight. We were right in the yellow and red sector which made us the supporters of the red and yellow knight,  all rooting for him. Trust me everyone was just that enthusiastic with cheering or jeering at the knights during their battles. It really amused me! 😉


This is what we had for dinner. There was no way to take a decent picture of it so I grab it from the website. 🙂


Darian trying his tomato bisque. He didn’t like it but at least he tried. 🙂

Food was tasty and to our liking as well. The serving was quite a lot. I should have box up Darian’s share and shared mine with him instead. Interestingly, there wasn’t any cutlery for the meal in order to suit the theme. No choice but to get our fingers and hand dirty and greasy! Then again, it was a little difficult to snap a picture or two when your hands are that dirty.

 The only negative thing is that seating is based on tickets therefore unless I purchase a ticket for Baby Dyann, otherwise she would be on my lap throughout the entire show. There is no way they could put a high chair there. Yep she was on my lap most of the time which obviously made eating a little more messier. But it’s the medieval times! So who cares?! Haha 😉


After dinner and show.


Got a picture with our knight.


The girls with the king and princess.


My royal princess ❤


My royal prince ❤

I truly had a great dining experience on my birthday! Awesome! 🙂



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