National Aquarium at Baltimore


After the 90 minutes journey, we finally reached our destination! 🙂 Parking at Baltimore is relatively similar to D.C; limited and expensive. We parked our car at one of the affiliated garage to the National aquarium which gave us a $5 parking discount. Still, parking cost us about 20usd! To add, the admission tickets are not cheap either. For our  first time to the aquarium and probably the last, it’s money well spent though.




Looking at the number of visitors, the aquarium is definitely popular. There was already a crowd when we reached there at 11ish. As strollers are not allowed in the aquarium, we got to park it at coat and stroller check. I bet Baby Dyann was the happiest! She simply has the ‘I’m freed!’ face! It was just timely that she was asleep throughout the journey to the Aquarium, hence we wouldn’t have to worry about carrying a sleeping baby. You know she is not light at all! Our first stop was at the food court. Since it was nearly lunch time, we decided to fill up our tummy before exploring the place.




The aquarium is divided into three main buildings: Blue Wonders, Glass Pavilion and Pier 4. First, we headed to Pier 4 to see the dolphin and jellyfishes gallery. Coincidentally we reached the dolphin discovery just in time for their training session. I suppose the session was more to be an explicit illustration of what the dolphins can do, or in another words, it’s like a show. Well we did enjoy watching the dolphins for sure.







Next, was the blue wonders. It consists of the Black tip reef, Rainforest, Atlantic coral reef and Shark alley gallery. The ideal route is to tour from the black tip reef, and reach the rainforest at the top. It will then lead you to the other side where you can watch the Atlantic coral reef and sharks as you descend through the ring-shaped glass viewing exhibit. Pretty neat! The sharks there looked really huge. Seriously those eyes and teeth kind of scare me.




The Glass pavilion, like its name, has glass on the top and side of the building. This allows the sunlight to peek through while walking through the Animal Planet Australia exhibit. Also, there was a tall man-made waterfall in the exhibit that created the sound of gushing waters making the trail even closer to nature theme. Interesting design!


There were plenty of wildlife and marine animals to look at. Double Ds enjoyed themselves so much. I must say we didn’t exactly see all the creatures at certain exhibits as there were way too many people around. Nonetheless, we completed the tour at 3pm and left the aquarium with a family photo and a shark light-up sword for Darian. As usual he is mad happy with the purchase. Overall, all of us did have a great time at the aquarium! 🙂



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