All on my 30th

***29th November 13***

I’m officially in the big 3 club! You know, I have been telling myself that age is just a number. Blah blah blah… No not true, I’m actually rather nervous to see the number. Haha! Alright whatever it is, I know I’m going to embrace the 30s club with bountiful of happiness, joy, love and good health. Yay! 🙂

To say that I feel blessed is an understatement. My world would not be complete without the hubs and the kiddos. Life has been pretty kind to me and I am absolutely thankful for all the things I have in life which of course includes my husband and my two lovely kids! I’m thankful enough to be given such opportunity to stay and tour around the United States. Life is good. So here in States my thirties adventure starts! Yolo!

I had a wondrous day at the Baltimore National Aquarium and Medieval Times(I will blog about them in separate posts though.) which all of us have had an incredibly ‘funtastic’ time! I’m most happy to see my family being so happy! Love is being happy together. 🙂



Like what Papa Yap said “how can I not get a cake for my wife when all of us had gotten one?” And here’s my cake with Darian being a little upset with the three candles. He wanted many many more… Eh Hello!! 😉









This about sums up my 30th. It was certainly a marvellous one! Love the Yappies to the max! ❤❤❤



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