Thanksgiving Day

***28th November 13***

We had the privilege to celebrate this Thanksgiving day together with the Dowell family along with Caleb’s. It was absolutely wonderful having to experience Thanksgiving the way a typical American family does. Awesome! 🙂

A big Thank You to Caleb’s parents in law, Alan and Krystal for graciously inviting us over to spend this special occasion with their family. We definitely had a delightful dinner. The turkey, mashed potato and pie were certainly yummy! We sat around the long extended table, passing down food, solving some Thanksgiving riddles( alright Papa yap and I were purely listening.. Haha) and lastly saying our Thanks. Yes Papa Yap and I did express our gratitude too! We thought it is meaningful to say our thanks during such occasion. Anyway sorry folks, please do not expect any pictures over dinner. I don’t think it is nice to be doing the ‘I shoot I eat’ action over such dinner. So just use your imagination. heehee 😉

Once again, thank you the Dowells for the warm hospitality and being such friendly hosts! We truly had an enjoyable day. Last but not least, thank you to Caleb and Hannah as well, for the thoughtful initiative. It was surely a great Thanksgiving day! 🙂





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