Smithsonian Air and Space Museum

***24th November 13***

Honestly I did not really enjoy my trip to the Smithsonian air and space museum at D.C. To clarify it has certainly nothing to do with the museum itself. In fact, on the whole, the museum was spectacular with great exhibits and loads of information. It was just me. Most probably I woke up at the wrong side of the bed. *sigh*

Well I was already feeling grumpy before we hit the road. First, it started off with the freaking cold weather and Darian was making a fuss over wearing the jacket. Next was searching for a parking lot around D.C. Parking is seriously a hassle there. Argh… Fortunately after several roundings around the streets, we spotted a family walking towards their car and managed to secure their parking space. After that, in that really cold weather, we brisk walked as fast as possible to the museum. Third, it was a Sunday, so naturally there was a big crowd. I very much prefer to visit such places with lesser crowd whereby it’s easier for us to move around. Then again who doesn’t? Hah.. It was just me! Fourth, the kiddos… One was constantly asking to move on the next exhibit while the other was struggling out of the stroller. I suppose you can tell who! Argh…

I think the trip would be much enjoyable if our kids are older. There are absolute much for them to see, explore and learn from. Nonetheless, I’m glad that Darian actually learnt a titsy bitsy about space and now he can proudly tell us that we live on planet Earth. So it isn’t that bad after all! 🙂


Finally we reached!


Little mister curious.


At the Wright brothers Exhibit.


Hi pretty! 🙂


Papa and double Ds.


The duo playing happily together.


Air plane exhibit


Learning about the planets.


It is suppose to be a dark room with a glowing Earth.


Coincidentally, Darian brought along a blue rubber ball and he was surely creative enough to tell me that it resembles Earth. That was also when I realised  he actually remembered it. Good job Darian Yap! 🙂


Always curious about everything.


Waiting to take a look at the cock pit.


Papa Yap explaining to Darian.



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