A visit to Mount Vernon

***10th November 13***


Mount Vernon, the historical home of America’s first president, George Washington, is certainly one of Papa Yap’s must go places in Virginia. He has been talking about it since we arrive in the States. And finally we made our way there during the Veteran day long weekend holiday. Talking about the long weekend, it’s like the third or fourth one after school started and you know what, we have the Thanksgiving holidays coming up next. Totally digging into it! 🙂 On a side note, the soldiers are much appreciated and respected for in the States, that on Veteran day, there were many exclusive perks and discounts for them. Great! 🙂



Mount Vernon isn’t exactly far from us, considering that traveling from one place to another in the States, could really take hours. The journey was only about thirty minutes. How I wish that Disneyland is this near! Yeah if only… We began our historic study tour at 11.15am. Given the size of the place, even with the number of visitors, it wasn’t that packed after all. I suppose to protect the interest of the place as well as to preserve and maintain the original historical site, regulations like no consuming of beverages and food, no smoking and no photography in the Mansion and Museum, are strictly abided. As such the grounds seem very clean. Somewhat it really looks like an ideal for picnic! Fresh air, nice trimmed grasses, spacious field, and beautiful view. I just feel like laying a checkered picnic mat with a straw basket of food and drinks, sitting there with the hubs, watching the kiddos dashing around. 😉



For the mansion tour, we had to park the stroller aside, queue and wait to be ushered in as a small group. There were a guide stationed at each specific area to brief us the history of the place. Pretty systematic and planned; One group in and the other out. The guide was basically repeating his or her speech. The only difference could be the QnA part. 😉






I love browsing through the beautiful outdoor photos of double Ds having fun, running around the green patch and picking up the autumn leaves. Glad to see that they enjoyed their day. 🙂 Before hitting the George Washington Education Center and Museum, we had to make a quick exit to the food-court as Double Ds were way too hungry to continue the walk. Especially Baby Dyann who was fussing badly for food! So always keep ya tickets properly, in cases when you need to show them for re-entry. 😉


Right after lunch, we continued with the indoor tour. Baby Dyann fell asleep on the stroller shortly which then made walking around and reading up the informations much easier. We completed the tour at nearly 3pm, making it almost a 4 hours visit. Anyway we skipped the theaters as we highly doubt the kids would be able to sit through. Also, the films might not be age-appropriate for them. You know what, the hubs was telling me about coming back on his own for the shows. Eh hello… is not like it is even free…


In a four seasons country, do expect different activities and scenic views in various time of the year. Personally I think Spring would be a nice time to visit where we could have a boat ride around the estate and probably the flowers will be blooming by then. Well at least now I can say that I had set foot on Mount Vernon, George Washington’s Mansion and learnt some facts too. Besides, I do like the serenity of the place which I can totally relate to why George Washington thinks that “No estate in United America is more pleasantly situated than this…” In future, whenever I watch National Treasure on TV, it will remind me of this gorgeous place. 🙂




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