Sunday at Belvedere plantation

***3rd November 13***


Yippee! We made it to the finale of Belvedere Plantation at Fredericksburg! Apparently it was their last Sunday before they are closed until next Fall. Hence, we were absolutely glad to have had made it there in time. 🙂 It was a fun-filled day of joy and laughter with the duo despite the cold weather. Brrr… Check out the number of fun activities for family and kids. It was amazingly fun! They have transformed a typical pumpkin and maize plantation to a big outdoor playground, making it a fun and interesting place for families, especially those with younger kids. We were certain that the duo enjoyed their playtime very much. 🙂 It is places like this that made family time much more enjoyable and precious. I’m sure you can see how much the duo had enjoyed themselves in their photos below. They were mad happy. And so were we. heehee 😉 We had a blast! Totally love this place! Seriously if we are still here for the next Fall, Belvedere Plantation will definitely be in our to-go-list. Anyway gotta thanks Lourdes for the awesome recommendation. 🙂


We missed out some attractions like the face painting, spider web, pony ride and corn maze. But well we still had a whole load of fun! 😉


The scarecrows!


Darian loves the jumping pillow! 🙂


Papa Yap assisting his boy with the pedal tractor.


On his own.


My turn! 😉


And the hubs wants a ride too!


Mommy I am stuck in the hay! heehee 😉


Papa Yap practising his marksman shoot using pumpkin seeds.


Lunch break


At the barnyard corner where we could feed some farm animals. There was a pig race at the back there too. But we didn’t make it to the shows. The place is so big and spacious that when we already had reached to one corner, we were literally too lazy to walk back to the other.


Darian pushing Baby Dyann on the movable swing. Wonderful siblings bonding time. 🙂


Baby Dyann enjoyed this so much that she didn’t even want to get up.


Darian on the glider. According to the girl who is supervising that area, Darian was singing the Spiderman tune throughout. And she was telling me how cute he was! Haha 😉


Darian on the bouncing bean horse. This is so cute! 😉


A long tin barrel slide.


Kids digging site with plenty of sandplay toys, tricycles and wooden rocking horse.


She wanted to join in the fun too! 😉


On the horse swing.


The pumpkin mountain slide. Darian had so much fun sliding down with Papa Yap. 🙂


We took the hayride into the pumpkin patch where we get to smash some pumpkins! It was a nice experience, sitting on firm stacks of hay while enjoying the bumpy ride. Seriously I didn’t expect that we could have so much fun smashing the pumpkins! Love it! 😉


Papa Yap helping Darian to hold up the heavy pumpkin.


Let’s smash some pumpkins!


Hey all I could do was watch them smashed the pumpkins! 😉


A typical boy style! 🙂


The duo having fun bouncing together. 🙂


Darian taking the tin barrel train ride! This is just so awesome!


A family picture before we head home! 🙂



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