Vaccination at 1

***24th October 13***

Alright we were actually late for Baby Dyann’s one year old vaccination. She was down with a week of flu during the intended period, after which we went for our Philadelphia trip and again came home with flu bugs. You know, with all the dilly-dally here and there, we finally brought her to the base clinic. Baby Dyann had her vaccination taken only on our second visit as we were referred to make an appointment for a body well being check before she could get her immunization done. I supposed probably because the jabs was administered by the nurses, she has to do a body well being check by the doctor prior to it. Anyway we returned again on the 24th. According to the doctor, looking at her birth weight of 2.5kg, Baby Dyann is certainly growing and eating very well. She is currently about 11kg heavy and 82cm tall. 🙂

So there were a total of four jabs for the one year old and I was actually contemplating to have all done in a day. The MMR, Pneumococcal, Hep A and Chickenpox. One thing for sure is that in Singapore, Chickenpox is usually taken after 15mth old. I couldn’t help but to feel that four jabs at one time is rather overwhelming. Then again, it should be safe considering the fact that all the kids here go through this too. Yep the princess had her four jabs, two swift jabs on each of her thighs by two senior nurses with Papa Yap holding her as still as possible. I have a set of weak tears glands especially on hearing my kids’ cries. haha… Silly me! She eventually stopped crying after I carried her. The next set of vaccination would be in 6 to 8 weeks later. This time round, we will arrange an appointment for another well being check before going for the immunization.

So here she is… all already to go for her immunization. She definitely had no idea what’s going to happen later. Heehee 😉




Aww… love you to bits my princess! muacks! ❤



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