Reston Zoo

***14th October 13***
Weather was really wet and cold last week. Brrr… It has been raining since Thursday and our plans for the long weekend was literally ruined. Boohoo 😦 The weather forecast on my iPhone was pretty accurate and I trusted it to plan for our outdoor outings. Looking at the forecast for Monday, Papa Yap and I were really looking forward to spending some quality family time together. 🙂


Quick lunch for the boys! 🙂


Us at the Reston Zoo❤


Just us 🙂

True enough, the weather was indeed sunny and there we were at the Reston Zoo. Yay! It is about a 45 minutes drive from our place; we got there about 11.30am. As usual Darian was absolutely happy about this trip. He enjoys going to the zoo, looking at the animals. But when it comes to close contact with the animals, he would flee as far as possible. Heehee… 😉


Let’s go!


Papa Yap and Darian feeding the goat.


The lamb


This was when the goat pecked the cup off Darian’s hands. Haha 😉


Papa Yap trying to finish the feeds.


All done!

I would say the Reston zoo is like a small scale animal park which is definitely not comparable to the Smithsonian Zoo. But, it is generally good enough for family with kids to visit especially if they would want to have some close animal encounters. We started in the petting barn, feeding the goats, sheep, lambs and pigs. They seemed really hungry though. The goats, sheep and lambs were constantly eyeing on the feed in our hands, standing closely to the fence and stretching out their heads. That made Papa Yap wondered if the animals were all being fed. Haha 😉 Darian wasn’t enthusiastic about feeding the animals at all particularly after his first attempt to feed the goat when it literally bit the cup off his hand and ran off with the feed. Haha… Smartie goat! Papa Yap and I were trying our best to finish the feeds fast so that we need not have to carry the bucket around. You know, we didn’t want to waste it as that bucket of feed doesn’t come cheap.


Reptile house


Darian looking at all the displays.

We then walked along the paths to view the larger exhibits of animals such as prairie dogs, condor, monkeys, alligators, tortoises, llamas. There was a small reptile house which housed a few snake species including two huge python(Eee… the boys knew that I am afraid of them and kept teasing me to look at them!), tarantula, frogs, bearded dragon lizard and tortoise. Seriously, they gave me goose bumps. Ewww I just cannot stand creepy creatures! I should have waited outside instead.


The Zoofari-wagon ride


While queuing for the ride.


Kiddos goofing around 😉


Up on the wagon


The camels coming close.




I was really worried if the bison with the huge horns would wake up and decide to walk toward us. Heehee 😉


Animals circling around the wagon

What we found interesting was actually the safari-a-like concept area which we could take a wagon ride and tour around the mini safari, getting up close to the ostrich, rhea, emu, bison, buffalo, antelopes and zebras. The wagon was open, hence during each stopovers, the animals were like circling around us, waiting to be fed. To be honest, it was quite intimidating for me and Darian. We were rather terrified of those big animals with horns and beaks coming real close to us. Nevertheless it was certainly a great experience for us. We continued with our walk around the park where we get to see the kangaroos, pony, small alligators, lemurs. Oh and there’s this bird aviary where we could do bird feedings. Papa Yap went in together with Darian while I waited outside with Baby Dyann in the stroller.



It was a well spent Monday after all. We all had fun and left the park at 2ish. As expected the kids slept through the journey back home. 🙂



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