It has been a truly amazing journey being a stay at home mommy for 3 years; watching my kids grow is a privilege. Over the time, I realized that I prioritized the kids and even the hubs more than myself. It’s like I’m always thinking in the interest of the kids. It is always about them and seldom myself. Even during meal times, I will accommodate to their likings.

To me, being a mother is never considered a job. I would deem it as my duty and responsibility instead. How can a job be of possibly 12 to 24hrs daily and 365 working days without any paychecks, benefits, MCs and leaves. Yet seeing my two beautiful kids, makes everything all worthwhile. 🙂 In order to be a stay home mommy, I have traded my youth, energy, shape and bank account for it. And that’s a lot of sacrifices you know. Especially the part of not being financially independent which equates to no spending power, is definitely not fun at all. Boohoo! With Papa Yap being the only sole bread winner who has a load of financial commitment, I surely would not want to add onto his figures. 🙂

Gone were the days of luxury goods and indulges. Instead I would rather have my money spent on the kids. I have considered myself so much luckier compared to many of those unfortunate people around. As much as luxury materials could create an environment conducive for happiness, they cannot give happiness themselves. While this little family of mine is my everything, my happiness. I am contented with my life. 🙂

The most rewarding part of my motherhood pilgrimage is to have people coming up to me telling me how capable I am in managing the household and kids, how well I have raised my kids, how fortunate my hubby is, how lovely my kids are, how beautiful my family is. Enough said, these are my constant performance boosters to keep me going. Seriously I don’t see myself as a perfect wife or mother. I just put in my utmost effort in making sure my family’s well brings are well taken care of. At the end of the day, it really feels wonderful to have a appreciative hubby who thinks that I am totally indispensable in this family. How great is that! Likewise I can’t imagine life without the three of them too. I am blessed. ❤


My loves, my joys, my life. ❤



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