Practice makes perfect- Writing

Darian’s writing has shown tremendous improvement over time. I am so pleased that he made it! 🙂 He has only started embarking on his writing journey in the beginning of the year and till date he is able to write them independently. Well done son! Come to think of it, back then I was ridiculously over-ambitious to start him on writing his alphabet when he was only 28 month old which evidently produced negative results. I should have known better. How could a little boy with no pre-writing experiences and poor fine motor skills be able to master the holding and controlling of pencil over night. With so much frustrations and tears, I finally decided to call it a break. Seriously, if I were to be insistent on it, I might inadvertently caused him to hate writing and lower his confidence as well. I am glad to have done the right thing.

As much as we want him to enjoy his childhood to its fullest, we got to also ensure that he is not lacking behind in terms of academic aspects. I have incorporated just an hour of writing and reading exercises during the weekdays to make sure he knows all his alphabet and numbers 1 to 20 very well. My goals for him are relatively simple. Know and write alphabets and numbers 1 to 20. Improve on his phonics. Be able to recognise and read some simple sight words. That’s about all. Achievable isn’t it? 🙂 Seriously I loathe this part of motherhood and to think that I have to repeat this with Baby Dyann… Argh… 😉

keep up the good work, my boy! 🙂



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