Baby shower

***5th October***

Unlike Singapore, baby showers here are typically celebrated before the birth of the baby and is usually hosted by either their relatives or friends. Traditionally it was a all girls party, to welcome the arrival of the baby and at the same time for mommies and mom-to-be to share birth stories and parenting experiences. Over the years, it has been increasingly common for the guys to attend the event as well.

It’s our privilege to attend Papa Yap’s classmate, Steve, first newborn’s baby shower. Our first western baby shower experience was definitely an eye opener. Awesome! It was totally different from ours. Other than food, they also had games and the unwrap the gifts session. We had a fabulous time at the party. To add on, the hosts were really nice and friendly. Shall let the photos do the talking instead! Once again congratulations to Steve and Tina on their little bundle of joy! 🙂


It’s a boy!


Yummy and soft cake!


Baby Dyann exploring the place! Heehee 😉


This is soo cute. The first game: Guess how big is the tummy of the mommy-to-be. And guess what… Papa Yap got the closest estimation and won himself a prize. I wondered if that was pure luck or was he really that good with his estimation! Heehee 😉

20131007-131547.jpgThe second game: Placing an inflated balloon underneath your top and try to untie the shoe laces around your ankle . Papa Yap was telling me how difficult it was. See it is definitely not easy being pregnant right? 😉

20131007-131606.jpgThird game: Drinking up the beer in the milk bottle. This was really one tough game. Most of the guys including Papa Yap only managed to suck a little of it.

The fourth game was to search for as many safety pins in a big bowl of rice. I didn’t take any picture of it as I was one of the participants.  Anyway I won that game. Yay! 😉


The last game: Making a baby sculpture. We attempted to mould a baby using the playdough in  5 minutes. Interesting!


The pink ‘playdough baby’ was done by me and it totally looked like an alien. Haha…


The mommy-to-be getting ready to unwrap all the gifts.


So we came home with two game prizes and two goodies bags! 🙂



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