***23rd September 13***


This 3 days and 2 nights short trip was organized by the school for all international officers and their families. It was a four hours bus ride up to Philadelphia. As usual, Darian has no issue throughout the journey while Meimei got a little fidgety halfway. But it was still manageable. 🙂

It was entirely one educational tour where we visited museums and some historical sites. I would see it as a fabulous eye opener for us all as I don’t think that I would be visiting Philadelphia again. For the kids, it was also a good time to socialize around rather than staying at home with us. It really feels great to receive many wonderful comments about the duo. How nice! So happy that the duo were well liked by everyone. 🙂


Lunch at City Tavern


That cheeky look of hers! 😉


Darian eating his kiddy meal


Our grilled chicken


Darian and John from Greece 🙂


Boarding the vessel


That’s how narrow the walkway in the submarine


Darian with the guide


Darian in the submarine


My three kids. heehee 😉


Check in time


Our view from the room. 🙂


Taking a walk

Our first stop was lunch at a colonial designed restaurant whereby the servers were all dressed in colonial time costume(from head to toe) too. Interesting! Food was delicious and I love the ambience. Right after lunch, we headed to the Seaport museum where we had a great experience in an old vessel and submarine. The submarine experience was really awesome. Little did I expect how narrow and cramp the walkway in the submarine was until that day. Then it was time to check in at our hotel and dinner was by ourselves. We took a walk down the streets and realized that Philadelphia Chinatown was actually a distance away from our location. With the sun setting and the tired duo and mama, we decided to go back to the room for dine in service instead.


With my two precious ❤


Rocky statue with our international friends. 🙂


At Franklin Institute


Darian balancing on the surfboard




Fooling around waiting for Papa Yap to be back


A stroll around Benjamin Franklin Bridge before heading out for dinner

On the second day, all the guys went for their study tour at the Independence Hall and National Liberty Museum while the families spent half a day in the Franklin museum and returned back to the hotel at 2pm. The plan was to link up with the guys at the hotel and gather for a late dinner at 7pm with everyone. Prior the day to the Franklin Institute, I was rather worried about handling the duo by myself. It was a relieved that somehow I survived. Heehee 😉 And also thanks to Darian who watched over Baby Dyann at the foodcourt while I bought lunch. 🙂 Franklin institute is relatively similar to our Science centre where people of all ages learn about science and technology through visuals and hands on explorations. Darian totally enjoyed himself there. It was such a pity not having my camera with me, walking around all those amazing exhibits. Actually even if I have had the camera with me, I doubt that I would be able to capture all those shots. It’s way too much for me to handle! However I’m absolutely sure that the trip would be much more fun with Papa Yap around. Dinner was as at some fancy restaurant and it ended real late for the duo. To the extend, Darian fell asleep when the main course was served at 9ish. Oh the duo sleep before 8.30pm so that explained how tired they were. We managed to make our way back to the hotel at nearly 10pm after the main course. It was almost a good 20 minutes walk back to the hotel. Baby Dyann most probably had caught a cold while walking back as she woke up with runny nose the next day and subsequently the three of us got it from her as well! Boohoo! 😦


Us at the Rocky statue


With the EWS friends


At Valley Forge


Darian with the Italians


Daddy’s girl ❤


Yippee! We are going home! 🙂

We checked out from the hotel after breakfast on our third day. We visited the Rocky statue, Valley Forge historical site and had our yummy lunch at Philadelphia premium outlet mall before making our way back to Quantico. Nope we didn’t have any time for shopping and anyway we were not interested at all. Finally we reached home at about 8pm after a long bus journey. 🙂

Frankly I wasn’t in my best mood lately so I didn’t exactly enjoy this trip very much. Well, like I said earlier, its purely for sightseeing and experience. What matters most to me is that my kids are happy. 🙂



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