A little homesick

It has been almost three months in the States and I think I’m feeling a little homesick since last month. To be honest, I broke down recently which until now I find myself rather emotional, easily irritated and grouchy at the same time. Somehow it kind of affects my Philadelphia trip too. Boohoo 😦 I miss my home, the people and the food. Even though we are strongly independent back in Singapore, at least we know that there are still support for us if we really do need it. Over here, it’s totally impossible. We are all to ourselves.

Just earlier this month, we had quite an experience with the smoke detector at night, and nobody seem to care… I mean there wasn’t even a single soul looking out from their balcony or coming out of their apartment to check things out. It all started while baking a pizza when a lot of smoke was like escaping from the oven causing the smoke detector to sound off. It’s really scary when you don’t even know how to stop it. Well that deafening siren did eventually stop after like 10 minutes or so. The kids and I were totally freaked out by then. Thank you to my always calm husband who handle the situation well. I doubt I will be using that oven ever again! Haha 😉

Papa Yap has a homecoming school ball to attend which I can’t even go with him because of the kiddos. This really sucks… Moment like this, I wish we are back home. At least I know that there are people whom we can entrust our babies to!

Talking about convenience, there is no way better than home! Seriously be it public transport or getting necessities! Back home, when I don’t feel like cooking, I could just bring the kiddos down to get food which apparently is almost a NO NO here. Double Ds and myself are literally cooped up at home until Papa Yap comes back. There is no way that we could possibly go out without a car. Even with car, you need a drive out to get your stuff. How troublesome is that… Hence I must always ensure that we get all of the needs during our weekly grocery shopping.

Well the only good thing about this stay is that I love the fact that Papa Yap is here to study so realistically he has more family time for us. Most days, he would be back by 5pm and we usually have dinner together. To me this is wonderful enough. Back in Singapore, we hardly can indulge in such simple contentment except for weekends and there are even some weekends where he has to work. So where is that so called work life balance?! Haha 😉

Sometimes I wish Papa Yap wasn’t the chosen one for this course and to be given this golden opportunity. I would rather be living in Singapore, you know. But in hindsight, it is really great for his army career. I must say he is currently doing quite well in this course and I am very proud of him! 🙂 Keep it up Papa!

The kids are generally happy regardless of where they are. As long as there are food, play and most importantly their mama and papa around. They are easily contented unlike adults. But trust me, they will be happier with their grandparents, grandaunts, granduncles, aunts, uncles and friends around. Like Papa Yap’s friend who came here two years back, told us that his wife and kids wouldn’t want another stay in Florida. They want to be in Singapore with their extended families members. This is exactly how I feel too.

Due to this stay, I certainly have learn to appreciate Singapore, it’s convenience and people around us more. I thank my parent in laws for helping us out with our home affairs. Also to my parents and sis who give me the moral support that I needed. I know both our parents and relatives are least worried for us and their beloved grandkids knowing that we are capable enough to look after ourselves and the kiddos but I am pretty sure they get a little anxious when they read scary news about US. Yeah don’t worry, everything will be fine.

Looking forward to seeing all those people who cared for us and whom we care for. Till then 🙂

For now I need more positive vibes, keeping my sanity to enjoy this long ‘holiday’. Cheers! 🙂




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