Double Ds

❤Darian and Dyann❤



Darian has been a real doting and loving brother to Baby Dyann. Despite the fact that he is only turning 4 end of the year, he has shown much love towards his little sister. He showers her with plenty of hugs and kisses even though Dyann would literally shove him away. Being the big brother, whenever I get angry with Baby Dyann, he would step in, stop me from spanking his sister and snap at me: “Don’t beat meimei. I will protect meimei!”. I couldn’t even recall myself protecting my siblings when I was a child myself. I most probably would be hiding somewhere to prevent my mom from spanking me as well. Haha 🙂



I find it incredibly amazing to see the two of them engaging in play. They enjoy playing hide and seek, chasing each other around the house. It is such a bliss watching them chuckle and having fun together! 🙂 Sometimes I will get Darian to share his bowl of cereal puff and he will gladly feed Baby Dyann. It is awfully sweet to watch him feeds his baby sister.❤



Then again, there are also times when the duo fight over toys and usually Baby Dyann is the one who started it. She would disrupt Darian’s play by snatching his toys and is rather adamant that she will not give in at all. That of course result in a battle of screams and cries! However, the moment we interfere and ask for the toy in her hand, she will surrender it without a fuss. Baby Dyann obviously knows how to bully her brother. Most of time, I don’t expect Darian to give in as that portray biaseness and is definitely ‘unhealthy’ in the long run. Kids being kids; apparently they seem to become bff again after each fight. Well still Papa Yap and I are certain that Darian loves his sister very much. He is after all merely a four year old little boy. But can you imagine him praising his baby sister, “so cute”, “so pretty”, “clever girl”, “good job meimei”… It’s totally funny to hear him saying that yet on the other hand, I’m sure he is pretty proud of her. Heehee 😉



Nevertheless, it is truly heartwarming seeing the way the double Ds look at each other. Much affections.❤ I do hope that the duo will grow up as loving as of now; to be supportive towards each other and Darian being the big brother, protects meimei always. Loving the two of them heaps!❤❤



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