Growth spurt maybe


Darian has been rather adventurous with his food after we settled down in the States. Papa Yap and I were quite puzzled with this sudden change. On the other hand, it is a relieve for us as food was an area of concern before coming over. Mainly because he is one fussy eater who only sticks to his usual food. Even enticing him with rewards doesn’t work well on him.




Right now, our brave little boy is learning to eat food that he didn’t like in the past. Food like: yoghurt, cereal with milk, apples(at about three years old, he began to hate apples and I don’t even know why), grapes, chicken meat, pork and spaghetti. This definitely surprised us. The interesting part is that he is the one who initiates to taste the food which obviously make us happy. I guess probably this is all part and parcel of growing up. 🙂

Apart from that, Darian’s appetite has increased too. He is constantly hungry at home and always looking into the fridge, searching for food. Sometimes I wonder if he is just bored. Haha. 😉 This is why I make sure that I stock up the fridge with all his favourite food and snacks during our weekly grocery trip. 🙂

Whatever it is, we are very glad that Darian is eating well here and growing fast too! Love ya so so much my handsome boy! ❤






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