Sweetheart Dyann at 13 month old

Dearest sweetheart,

At 13 month old, you are no longer crawling around. You are always on your feet toddling around the house. Peeking into every little corner, behind the door, under the table, behind the television, into the cupboards, and sometimes even the toilet bowl, anywhere that fascinates you little explorer. You enjoy climbing up the sofa, messing up the cushions, throwing things behind the sofa and now I need Papa’s help to get them out. 😉


You tend to scream and cry so loudly whenever we try to take things away from you. But you know, with your firm Papa and Mama around, screaming doesn’t get you anywhere. Dropping things seem to be your latest habit and that we always come home with a missing pacifier or shoe. Oh please my sweetie, mommy does get real upset especially seeing your missing shoe.


Each time when you are amused by Gege, Papa or Mama, you giggle so easily, showing your four white pearlies. Your laughter is just so infectious, making us laugh too! You love eating for sure and never seem to have enough of mama’s homemade meals, bread, cakes, cereal snacks, biscuits yoghurt, apples, banana and many other fruits. Well we think you are looking a little chubby but perfectly lovely in your way.❤


That captivating smile of yours instantaneously melt our heart and brighten up our days. You never fail to amuse us with all those little silly and funny acts of yours. You are way too adorable and cheeky that we never seem to have enough at all. You blabber quite a bit, exploring with various sound and pitch. We simply love to hear you calling out Papa, Mama and Kaka(Gege). Though Gege always say “I’m not kaka”! Heehee 🙂




Papa, Mama and Gege love everything about you and want you to know that we truly love you so even though you can be really wild at times. Loving you now and always, our beautiful little girl!❤❤❤



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